Singaporean Group Deals Site Folds Up
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Singaporean Group Deals Site Folds Up

Mocca Perks, a group deals site under the buy and sell website, announced the closure on its landing page today. Customers who bought goods or services through the site will have until 2 September 2012 to redeem said purchases. The Mocca Perks site will re-launch with a “new e-commerce initiative,” but there are no definite dates for the said revamp.


Mocca Perks Singapore closes until further notice, customers have until 2 September to redeem group-bought coupons. (Image: Mocca Perks)

The main Mocca site is also undergoing renovation, after failing to make a dent in the buy and sell business in Singapore. Popular sites like eBay, AdPost, Gumtree, Craigslist and newcomer Gmarket are just some of the numerous buy and sell sites that generate a lot of traffic. The Mediacorp-backed site just didn’t get enough foothold in the market, despite the local media giant’s clout and advertisement coffers.

Mocca-Perks  Mocca-Site failed to deliver the goods, thus prompting a revamp of the buy and sell site (Image:

Singaporeans’ healthy penchant for shopping assures great business for group buying sites like Groupon,, and 43 other sites. Many have fallen by the wayside yet the simple, zero inventory, commission-based business thrives in this island state.

Facebook announced last week that it will take on the group deals business with Facebook Offers. Users who click on a  Get Offer link can redeem coupons from businesses they “like.” Facebook reps said the venture went on limited release to users in the US, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Turkey.