Intraboom: Bringing together team communication and project collaboration
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Intraboom: Bringing together team communication and project collaboration

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DUBBED one of the best software service products on the market right now during this year’s South by Southwest festival, newcomer Intraboom is already making waves with its project management prowess.

Intraboom’s simplicity and straightforward interface makes it a breeze to use – there’s no need to waste any time messing about with configuration. Just set up a user profile and you’re ready to go. The software’s smart and intuitive systems let anyone – regardless of the level of savviness they’re at – adopt it easily and painlessly.

According to a study by Microsoft Corp. in May 2015, the attention span of a goldfish (an average of just nine seconds) can be longer than most people. Due to the advent of digital lifestyles, researchers found that people tend to lose concentration after just eight seconds.

This means that in anything we do, the less distractions the better.

Intraboom clearly recognizes this. Its dashboard aims to minimize distractions by arranging every piece of information necessary in one place. This makes finding memos, creating appointments, looking something up on Google, and starting new discussions accessible, without requiring the user to use multiple applications. This saves time and makes the workforce more productive.


Intraboom also supports communication from both inside and outside the company, a feature that is lacking in most other workplace communication platforms. For example, some providers only allow companies using their platform to invite external guests if they pay a subscription fee, and others require users to create multiple login credentials in order to keep internal and project content separate.

Intraboom has been specifically designed for both external and internal communication, so it has no such limitations.

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With Intraboom, companies can choose from three types of subscription plans. Although the company may be giving up the free version some time in the near future, at the moment users can still sign up for a completely free plan allowing the creation of up to five groups, with ten members per group, and 5GB of disk space. US$59 per month gets you three times as many benefits: 15 groups, with 30 members per group, along with 250GB of disk space.

For US$199 per month, larger companies can create as many groups as they need and utilize 1TB of disk space. The flat monthly fee covers up to 100 users.

The huge amount of disk space means groups can upload and share important files with one another. You can also create folders in which to save the files – a time-saving feature that saves users from trawling through old messages and emails to search for a file you need. The file structure is similar to that of a regular computer, and its familiarity and simplicity means users can get acquainted right away.

Dashboard1-1024x715  Bulliten-300x214  Files-1-1024x740  Another great, recently launched feature of the system allows users to share files not only within groups, but also with external participants via email links and an isolated download page – without a need to separately upload the file and without a need for the recipient to register as a user.

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With the rise of social enterprise software aimed at making companies more cohesive and collaborative, employees have found that platforms like Intraboom enable them to engage with one another more effectively. It is particularly useful for growing companies that struggle to keep up with everyone’s needs as more people are added to the team.

Social enterprise software helps by putting people and their connections with one another first, while keeping work processes more efficient and effective. Overall, it creates a better work environment, and Intraboom understands that happy employees make for a more successful business.

Interested? You can find more information and sign up for free here