Top cybersecurity solutions for expanding businesses
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Top cybersecurity solutions for expanding businesses

Cybersecurity around the world, particularly in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, is underrated and inadequate. In fact, an investigation by U.S.-based security company Mandiant found that APAC is 80 percent more likely to be targeted by hackers than any other part of the world. This becomes even more of a concern for small- to medium-sized businesses, which are being targeted 43 percent of the time, according to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report.

With that in mind, it is clearly becoming increasingly important for businesses small or large to protect their work networks, especially in the digital age where the importance of big data means gathering terabyte upon terabyte of information that could be vulnerable. Aware of this, many firms feel their security systems are inadequate. In fact, a Pricerwaterhouse Coopers survey found that less than half the companies they spoke to globally were confident in theirs – 27 percent felt they were lacking in execution, while 14 percent admitted to lacking any sort of strategy.

Companies that have little to no knowledge about what kind of cybersecurity system they should be deploying have a number of reasons to feel apprehensive about sticking to one.

First of all, they can be expensive and time-consuming to roll out across the board, and threat detection is sometimes not even guaranteed – it’s not as if you can test one, then change your mind. Another factor that makes it difficult is also the sheer volume of cybersecurity firms there are to choose from. How does one know if it’s the right fit?

Although commitment can seem daunting, a comprehensive and effective cybersecurity strategy is a must-have for any growing business, regardless of size or industry. In order to protect your company, your employees, and your customers, it has to become an imperative part of your business.

We’ve rounded up the top cybersecurity firms out there that offer flexible solutions you can tailor to your company, according to size and needs. Here are our picks:



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One of the most well-known cybersecurity solution providers in the world, Kaspersky’s 20-year existence has made it one of the leading experts in cybercrime and malware. Their solutions cover PCs and operating systems (OS) across the board, making them a popular choice for many organizations.

The company’s targeted security solutions, which suit companies of every size, cover a range of cybersecurity concerns, including security for mail and file servers, mobile, Internet Gateways, virtualization, collaboration, systems management, storage, fraud prevention, and Distributed Denial of Service protection.

On top of that, Kaspersky also offers professional services for companies such as on-site or remote consultancy, configuration, and upgrades.


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Cybersecurity is a daunting issue for organizations that face the looming question, “Where to begin?” Perhaps the most compelling answer is TripleHelixSM, the comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system, developed by Assured Enterprises.

TripleHelixSM provides a roadmap for improving cybersecurity, by an in-depth correlation of Cyber Maturity, Threat and Impact. This correlation yields a CyberScore™ which translates risk into benchmarks for cost-effective, risk-based budgeting.

TripleHelixSM includes a one-time run of AssuredScanDKV® which detects known vulnerabilities in software without requiring source code. No other scanning application does this.

Assured is becoming the new standard for sensitive levels of government and Fortune 2000 companies. Read the full profile…


According to research by FireEye, 77 percent of all cybercrimes are targeted at small- and midsized-businesses, but 42 percent don’t believe cybersecurity is a big deal. In order to appeal to SMEs, FireEye’s solutions are diverse and flexible, allowing firms both big and small to tailor a program suited to their own needs.

As a Security as a Service (SaaS), FireEye offers a number of guarantees. With 15 million endpoints deployed around the globe, the company collects data on threats, which is used in an early warning system that reassures customers.

FireEye also takes pride in the number security experts it has working around the clock to keep tabs on over 16,000 threat groups that dot the world. This means companies can address concerns at any time and make sure they are dealt with without delay.

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Darktrace’s main cybersecurity product, the “Enterprise Immune System”, is inspired by the human immune system – which teaches itself to look for new threats and get rid of them. The firm’s technology uses machine learning to detect and predict emerging threats, and take action before they cause significant damage.

As the only company in our list that boasts the use of machine learning technology, Darktrace is well-positioned to be the first to find abnormalities in a company’s network environment, and also to adapt quickly and easily in an ever-growing and shifting intranet.

The firm also offers a threat visualizer, which includes a 3D threat notification interface that works in real-time. Companies get a graphical overview of network activity that makes it easy to pinpoint the problem and solve it without sifting through rafts of data.

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