Zoho CRM: Agile solutions for fast-moving businesses in Asia
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Zoho CRM: Agile solutions for fast-moving businesses in Asia

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WITH over 300 million users under its belt, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Zoho is a favourite among small-medium businesses, and for good reason – its expertise and understanding of a small enterprise’s needs have been honed since the company launched in 1996. The latest version of Zoho CRM packs a punch for fast-moving companies in Asia looking to get the most out of relationships with their customers.

Zoho CRM offers a host of features that will help your business accelerate sales and improve your team’s performance. With multi-channel functionality, sales and marketing teams are able to decrease time spent navigating between apps and platforms by using a single, seamless platform to engage with customers. Zoho CRM lets you reach prospects via any channel, be it phone, email, live chat, or social media, and SalesSignals notifies your team whenever someone is interested, letting them reach out in real time.


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One of Zoho’s most attractive features is its customizability – the CRM adapts to the way your team works, rather than the other way around.

Instead of having to adhere to a strict system, or even layout, Zoho lets you pick and choose the features most important to your team, using a layout that works for you. There are 15 basic modules that cover standard sales and marketing needs, but you can add custom modules to make sure the system is focused on your industry’s priorities. Zoho’s CRM is an enterprise-level feature that serves as a test environment for large organizations to test customization before rolling it out to your entire team – untested processes could prove disastrous if rolled out prematurely! This feature is only available in the Ultimate edition of Zoho CRM.

SalesInbox brings CRM context to emails, meaning sales people have access to their CRM data right from their inbox – so there’s no need to jump back and forth between different applications. Tasks can be set, notes can be made, and calls can be scheduled right from the inbox. If you already use certain apps for business and need a CRM that integrates seamlessly with them, Zoho’s marketplace of third-party apps is extensive and simple to use.

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Zoho CRM has also added a feature that few other CRM providers have – GameScope is a built-in gamification tool that encourages healthy, robust competition among sales teams. The benefits of a gamified system include keeping employees engaged and passionate, and can even improve team dynamics as they work together towards a collective goal. In addition, if your teams are spread out across different locations or product lines, Zoho CRM’s territory management is extremely useful. It can handle any form of customer segmentation, and lets you keep track of each and every region according to their profits and performances.

Overall, Zoho CRM is complex without being complicated and has clearly proven itself over the years to be no flash in the pan. In fact, through a combination of its usability and seamless functionality, Zoho CRM has earned itself a great reputation of making the running of a small business feel that much more productive and goal-oriented.

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