Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with CyberArk
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Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with CyberArk

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With an increasingly connected world, businesses and organizations globally are scrambling to stay ahead of potential cyber threats that could take down entire frameworks and expose clients to vulnerabilities. Asia, in particular, is susceptible to these threats – a year-long investigation by U.S. security company Mandiant found that Asia is 80 percent more likely to become targets of hackers than any other parts of the world.

The study, which was published last August, found that Asian businesses tend to be ill-equipped to deal with network attacks due to a lack of “basic response processes and plans, threat intelligence, technology, and expertise”, reported the BBC.

The importance of having a cybersecurity framework in place is essential in these modern times, and organizations are beginning to understand that and seek providers that can offer them the best solution. CyberArk is one of these solutions – it is dedicated to striking down targeted cyber threats that “make their way inside to attack the heart of the enterprise”, so that enterprises can focus on running smoothly.


CyberArk is trusted by 45 Fortune 100 companies, as well as more than 25 percent of the Global 2000. It focuses on helping business leaders get ahead of cyber threats, and with offices located all over the world in the U.S., Israel, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, the U.K., and Singapore, it can offer the support needed by companies in any region.

According to CyberArk’s Global Advanced Threat Landscape Survey 2016, high profile cyber attacks that took place last year have spurred many global organizations to take positive steps towards protecting themselves against advanced threats. However, there are still concerns about the risk of “overconfidence – or perhaps complacency” regarding the ability to protect an organization’s valuable assets.

Although 95 percent of IT decision makers surveyed report that their organization has a cybersecurity emergency response plan in place, only 45 percent say the plan has been reviewed thoroughly and -crucially – tested with all IT staff.

In order to confront this, CyberArk’s main products are aimed at focusing on a company’s vulnerabilities and potential risks, and working to safeguard them against future attacks. The product suites include the Privileged Account Security Solution.


Privileged accounts include any accounts that enable access to an organization’s network, and can be found in the form of admin, root, SYS, or any other credentials that provide administrative access – and these accounts represent the largest security vulnerability any organization faces today, says CyberArk. Their security solution is therefore based on their Shared Technology Platform, which is a unified policy engine that provides scalability, reliability, and “unmatched” security for accounts of this nature.

As bottom lines expand and revenues grow, firms will find they can ill-afford to run the risk of ignoring cyber threats, the latest global epidemic to hit the 21st century. But with this offering, CyberArk makes prevention its top priority and ensures its clients can rest easy knowing their business networks are in safe hands.

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