CSDP: Bolstering SRM with Agility, Flexibility and Speed
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CSDP: Bolstering SRM with Agility, Flexibility and Speed

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More and more, powerful companies worldwide are struggling to deliver adequate levels of customer satisfaction. From managing customer contact, to staying in touch with service customers, even to recording, tracking and resolving various customer complaints; Service Relationship Management, or SRM, processes matter most when it comes to retaining popular custom.

“Trident was using the off-the-shelf dispatch product that, quite frankly, was never very good,” Steve Studley, CEO of Trident Computer Resources, Ltd., told Tech Wire Asia when asked about Trident’s previous SRM strategies. “We adapted ourselves to fit to its quirks, such as not being very flexible in its input or output,” he adds.

“We muddled along, often missing opportunities to be able to convey important information in our call flow simply because “there was no box for that”,” the CEO explains. “Our dispatch process was minimal, labour-intensive and often lacking in critical information.”

Enter CSDP Corporation, a service-oriented software company that promotes flexible, agile solutions specially-designed to automate field and customer service, reverse logistics, warranty and contract management processes. Through the provision of an enterprise-class solution that boasts extensive features and functionality for an impressively affordable price, CSDP helps companies like Trident solve these issues at rapid pace, greatly enhancing rates of customer satisfaction while significantly boosting company profits.


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“Our relationship with CSDP spans nearly two years but not all of that was part of the project phase,” notes Studley. “What impressed me about CSDP was that the team took the time to learn our business and challenges before we even launched into an official project,” he adds.

Studley explains that CSDP were extremely respectful of changes occurring to the company as he transitioned to his new CEO role, pacing projects in accordance with the company’s bandwidth and general business capabilities at that current time. “We weren’t drowned by the proverbial “fire hose of information”,” the businessman explains. “Since our first successful project, CSDP has been there constantly for us. The relationship doesn’t end at all, and I have additional plans this summer that include them.”

But it’s not just Studley and his fellow Trident peers who have noticed positive change upon investing in CSDP’s SRM; a considerable number of CSDP clients have in fact noticed an improvement of up to 15 points in terms of customer satisfaction, spurring a boost in overall profit margins of up to 10 percent.

“We chose CSDP because at no point did we feel like we were just being sold software,” explains the CEO. “It was clear to their team that this project was a large undertaking for a company our size, and they respected and supported us right from the start. We based our decision on the relationship that had blossomed between our companies long before we ever cut a PO,” he states. “To this day, we feel they are as attentive as the very first day we met.”

No matter whether your field service organization boasts just 15, or more than 2,000 service technicians, the SRM Buddy from CSDP will advance technician efficiency on any mobile device. With the unrivalled help of SRM software solutions from CSDP, your business will foster a robust service lifecycle management solution in line with rigid industry standards.

“…Long before we went live on our new system, we had already drafted important process documents that we never had before,” Studley concludes. “Dispatch runs better now; there’s no question,” he adds. “As the CEO of Trident, the benefit for me is the data our system captures and reports which show the RoI of our work. We are now making decisions based on empirical data and evidence…So, to say we immediately noticed results thanks to our work with CSDP is an understatement to say the least!”

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