Helping businesses thrive with Oracle NetSuite #1 Cloud ERP
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Helping businesses thrive with Oracle NetSuite #1 Cloud ERP

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BUSINESS and ambition are a necessary pairing for success, but many outside forces get in the way. Poor planning, overexpansion, and poor management are often listed as some of the top reasons businesses fail – simply put, ambition can sometimes get the better of us.

However, the key to making the two work in tandem is to be prepared. A business leader must ensure his or her company is equipped with the right tools, skills, and software to reach its goals. Oracle NetSuite’s complete Enterprise Resource Planning solution helps organizations do exactly that, and is ready to scale the moment a company decides to expand and grow.

There comes a point in expanding one’s business where a simple accounting software is simply not enough – and then there comes the questions of what software to upgrade to, how long will it take, and how much will it cost?

Oracle NetSuite is in the unique position of being able to help businesses avoid those questions with their flexible and scalable solution that takes their clients to the next level without a hitch. Singaporean property listings portal PropertyGuru found themselves in exactly the situation mentioned above, and turned to Oracle NetSuite’s Cloud ERP solution, OneWorld, for help in managing its finances across its regional subsidiaries.


PropertyGuru found that by switching from the clunky on-premise solutions it was using before to Oracle NetSuite’s true cloud solutions, they were able to save time, money, and resources across the four countries it operates in. The solution allows their financial department to become much more efficient and streamlined, and in 2015, PropertyGuru reported that their revenue tripled since deploying Oracle NetSuite OneWorld three years prior.

Co-founder and managing director of PropertyGuru, Jani Rautiainen, said: “The real-time insights Oracle NetSuite OneWorld affords us from wherever we are across the world has provided our finance team with much-needed predictability and consistency. Oracle NetSuite is now core to our operations and we have big plans for how we can utilize it.”

Growing businesses looking to explore and tap into new markets can also count on Oracle NetSuite’s fully-integrated e-commerce capabilities. Their software can handle just about any type of business in any kind of industry thrown their way – whether it’s a project-based business that requires multiple factors to be consolidated onto one platform, or an advanced manufacturing environment that needs pinpoint accuracy throughout the supply chain, Oracle NetSuite is able to provide traceability for every facet of the chain.

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The simplicity of the solution eliminates the need for specialized technical skills – anyone can deploy and manage it, and information can be accessed at any time, by anyone authorized within the company.

And yet, the solution is at the same time incredibly complex, taking into account every aspect of running a business and delivering it to business leaders so that they are empowered and have full confidence in the solution and their organization. With built-in business intelligence reports that are updated in real time, business leaders can keep a closer eye on their organization’s activities in order to make informed decisions.

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