Rohde & Schwarz: Allowing businesses to convert big data into actionable information
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Rohde & Schwarz: Allowing businesses to convert big data into actionable information

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With big data becoming increasingly necessary in a world of complex algorithms, network analytics is an important tool within an organization’s digital infrastructure, allowing businesses to glean crucial information that eventually allows them to flourish. But making sense of all that data is one thing, keeping it secure is another. With Rohde & Schwarz, businesses can do both with the added benefit of German precision and lightning-fast technology.

Rohde & Schwarz hails from Munich, Germany, and has been in the industry for more than 80 years. The multinational company began as an independent, family-owned enterprise, and has since grown to employ 10,000 people with offices in more than 70 countries. Their cybersecurity IP network analytics solutions have been installed over 200 times in 60 countries, providing secure, reliable, and efficient networks for businesses all over the globe. Net Reporter, the IP probe Net Sensor which is powered by the in-house developed deep packet inspection (DPI) engine are the company’s key products in the field of network analytics.


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The biggest challenge faced by businesses that rely on big data is turning those raw data into valuable, actionable information. Rohde & Schwarz’s Traffic Analytics Solution, paired with the Net Reporter, helps them do just that – the system uses DPI-enabled IP probes to scan traffic and extract useful information, which is then crunched and transformed in the analytics platform to create statistics and reports that can be customized to display information the client requires most. With the capability to track 2,800 different apps and services, and the possibility to drill down all data to subscriber and app usage level, Rohde & Schwarz can help your network run faster and create the ultimate user experience.

In Asia, due to varying internet connection speeds and unstable connections, this information can help telco provider to improve overall network performance and resolve network issues before they affect subscribers.

One Rohde & Schwarz telco client based in Europe found the system to be extremely useful in order to plan future network capacity more accurately based on real network usage and application performance. They explained that within their network, there are subscribers from Asia that require to use local and regional applications and services like weChat, LINE and QQ. Thanks to Rohde & Schwarz’s software, the company complied with all the requirements of Asian telcos. “The Rohde & Schwarz Traffic Analytics is powered by the PACE 2 DPI engine to detect the applications and protocols, and to further extract metadata,” explained the client. “As PACE 2 has a large customer base in all geographical areas, it is tuned for high detection and performance for the specific regional protocols.”


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Another client, a Tier 1 Asian telecom operator, named the company’s sales and support networks, product quality, and business relationships with telcos all over the world as features that set Rohde & Schwarz apart from global competitors. In fact, the company’s giant sales and support strategies emphasize local presence in nearly every country, letting them deliver on-site support at the highest level within a number of hours.

“Besides the in-built feature set which is typically already in line with our requirements, Rohde & Schwarz offers and delivers customized services on top of that to enrich those features even further,” added the client. After working for some time with the default feature set, the customer may find their network insight needs change. With Rohde & Schwarz, there is no need to purchase anything new – the customer just have to correlate existing information from the solutions database to create those new insights, thus making the solution cost and time-effective.

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