cryptovision: World-leading specialists in electronic identity solutions
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cryptovision: World-leading specialists in electronic identity solutions

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The current generation of electronic identity documents are finally unleashing the true potential of smart cards for both governments and enterprises alike. For example, the government of Nigeria has started an ambitious project aiming to issue cards to over 100 million citizens, which will enable the use of biometrics, custom national identity applications, and even payment functionality on a single document. The German Insurance company, Allianz, has rolled out 70,000 smart cards for its employees in order to secure authentication and simplify identification online. Dozens of governments and thousands of enterprises all over the world have similar plans.

These market trends leave no doubt that usage of electronic identity (eID) cards is booming across both the public and private sectors. The current generation of smart cards based eIDs offer a diverse range compelling applications and features. eID card holders today can enjoy the benefits of streamlined border crossings with the use of eGates, strong authentication for access to eGovernment and online services, and reduce fraud in secure payments and electronic benefit transfers. In businesses where security is paramount, eID cards can drive the usage of multifactor factor authentication across devices, enhance physical access and employee time recording, employ digital signatures, and leverage file and full disk encryption and secure communications email encryption.

cryptovision offers turnkey solutions for national eID or company eID projects. Their solutions are based on their modular e-ID framework ePasslet Suite, which enables the design of a highly individualized e-ID card system with post-issuance activation ability. It ensures that eIDs can continue to evolve and  improve functionality even after first card issuance. ePasslet Suite is usually combined with their PKI middleware sc/interface and their high-end PKI solution CAmelot. Customers who need secure eID readout and other functions can also leverage their SCaliubur eID middleware SDK to develop custom tailored applications simply and securely. Together, with proven solutions like card management, HSM hardware, and biometrics provided by their long-term partners, cryptovision can build and deliver exactly the eID system you want.

In its 18 year history cryptovision has delivered hundreds of successful e-ID and cryptography projects in over 20 countries worldwide. Among the company’s customers are the federal government of Nigeria, Allianz, the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), Allied Irish Banks (AIB), and many more. In total, over 150 million people all around the world make use of cryptovision solutions.

Every summer, cryptovision hosts the free eID conference, Mindshare at its headquarters in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. In addition, cryptovision will also be present at Seamless 2017 event in April in Singapore as well as ID4Africa in Windhoek, Namibia the same month.

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