Making Smart Simple with SURE Universal’s Remote
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Making Smart Simple with SURE Universal’s Remote

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IT’S been predicted that nearly US$6 trillion will be spent on IoT over the next 5 years, and the market is growing at a sensational rate. From smart TVs and smart thermostats to home lighting and refrigerators, nearly every appliance manufacturer is going “smart” with their home products. Yet, these “smart” home products are often not as smart as we think.

The problem is that the array of new smart devices –  made by a variety of manufacturers – can’t communicate effectively with one another, or with their users. What we’ve got is an IoT “Tower of Babel” where devices are not able to work in smooth harmony with people and create a truly smart home.

Enter SURE Universal.

SURE Universal has developed the only complete software solution for the smart home and IoT which allows all devices to be controlled from one integrated platform, making the smart home possible.


SURE Universal’s software solution includes the Software Universal Remote (SURE), the world’s top ranked and highest rated remote which can be downloaded on a smartphone, SURE Cloud – a cloud based solution for user and appliance data, and SURE Thing – the smart appliance server for IoT, allowing appliance vendors to turn everyday legacy home appliances into smart appliances efficiently and inexpensively.

With the SURE platform, users control their legacy home appliances using Infra-Red (IR) or digital media and smart home devices using Wi-Fi communications. The SURE software solution can communicate with nearly any smart device in the home, with an easy to use interface. SURE Universal lets consumers turn on the TV, home entertainment system, air conditioner, lights, coffee machine, or any other smart device – all through their smartphone, making your home significantly more energy efficient and user friendly.

SURE is also the only platform of its kind certified by the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), an IoT consortium established by the largest home device and technology corporations, including Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, CISCO, GE, Qualcomm, Electrolux, Haier, and CableLabs, together with 300 other world leading companies. Using the standard OCF interface, SURE can communicate with any smart device – making SURE future-proof for all smart home needs.


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“With the SURE Universal solution, we’re offering consumers the greatest interoperability of any provider, making the smart home that much smarter,” said Viktor Ariel, SURE Universal Founder and CEO. “Millions of our active users are communicating with their home appliances and smart devices using a single easy-to-use software interface rather than struggling with multiple remote controls or numerous mobile apps.”

Asia is currently leading the development and adoption of Smart Home technology and SURE Universal is partnering with some of the leading manufacturers in Asia to create a complete software and hardware solution for IoT.

Companies around the world are investing billions of dollars into IoT, but it is interoperability and ease-of-use that will translate into a consumer experience that works, and SURE Universal is at the center of this IoT revolution.

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