Arkadin Cloud Communications: The ultimate web conferencing tool
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Arkadin Cloud Communications: The ultimate web conferencing tool

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As one of the world’s fastest-growing platforms for cloud communications, Arkadin provides a distinct portfolio of leading-edge audio, web and video conferencing solutions that are essential for success in a digitally-connected working world.

A distinguished member of the NTT Communications group, Arkadin delivers its premium-quality infrastructure in the cloud to enable quick deployment, benefitting more than 42,000 customers in global businesses ranging from large to small.

While many companies continue to use room-based video systems, brand-new software integrations are constantly coming into play, establishing cutting-edge collaboration technologies as the business world moves steadily towards widespread cloud-based applications. In recent years, elevated market demand has heightened enterprise expectations as well as that of their global workforce, resulting in the need to adopt one integrated solution that readily incorporates easy-to-use video technologies.

Committed to offering customers an elite business tool, Arkadin has invested in a Cloud Communications catalog that enables employees to meet, collaborate and work alongside each other, regardless of location, in a space completely devoid of area, time and device restrictions.

In the diverse UC arena, Arkadin provides Arkadin Total Connect, offering a global phone, conferencing, and contact center solution, consolidated into one convenient business package. This dynamic all-in-one cloud solution is built to serve the needs of the modern business innovator, presenting flat-rate, unlimited PSTN dial-in audio conferencing services, with local access to numbers in more than 55 countries worldwide. Morphing Skype for Business into a business-class phone system, this unrivalled product encompasses palpable productivity gains to advance virtually every business venture.


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Acknowledging that people remain the beating heart and soul of communication anywhere, Arkadin helps nurture a digital workplace that truly thrives, invigorated and energized by the requirements of business’ most visionary creatives. ArkadinVision, for example, allows companies to utilize audio, web or video conferencing platforms at the simple click of a button, regardless of variables like location, technology or device.

“Arkadin demonstrates once again that they are on the cutting-edge of where the collaboration market is headed,” says Roopam Jain, Industry Director of Enterprise Communications & Collaboration for Frost & Sullivan.

“ArkadinVision offers a solid mid-market alternative that will be ideal for businesses that require a cost-effective solution for core collaboration and video functionality across multiple platforms,” he explains.

“Our customers now have a complete digital meeting space to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workplace that requires more flexibility in how to collaborate,” says Thomas Valantin, Chief Commercial Officer for Arkadin.

“We’re confident ArkadinVision will appeal to businesses of all sizes looking to empower their work forces for greater productivity in our digitally transformed workplace,” he concludes.


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Recognizing that the promise of improved process efficiencies, compelling profit growth and predictable cost optimization is no longer enough, Arkadin goes above and beyond to ensure unparalleled integration expertise, in-language support within the global sphere, on top of new and improved personalized adoption services.

With its end-to-end portfolio of core product sets, value-added services and reliable support facilities, Arkadin provides a host of effective solutions to enterprises around the world looking to improve commercial performance by jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon.