Teamviewer: Putting an end to the nine to five through Web-based collaboration
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Teamviewer: Putting an end to the nine to five through Web-based collaboration

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In a world increasingly influenced by digitization and connectivity, the idea of work has never been more difficult to define. Technology is progressing at a rate we’ve never seen before, while the global interweb of smart devices has given employees the power to decide exactly when and where they want to work.

“Technology, societal change and the rise of flexible working hours, mobile and remote working and hot-desking are challenging traditional office culture,” notes a TeamViewer report on the changing nature of the workplace. “This is resulting in a fundamental shift in many of the ways of working that society has taken for granted, such as taking weekends off, working nine-to-five, commuting to an office and remaining loyal to one company for the duration of your career.”

The general consensus among contemporary professionals is that the old school nine to five is primitive and unnecessary. In fact, 72 percent believe this traditional, rigid structure for office life is no longer relevant to the 21st century world, while 79 percent genuinely value work-life balance far more than professional salary, and a further 84 percent state they do not need to be in the office every day in order to bring results.


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A tangible shift in employee attitude has led to a rise in the popularity of flexible working options. But while 82 percent of respondents affirm that the ability to work remotely would make them better at their jobs, it’s also clear that a considerable number of business leaders are not adequately prepared in terms of offering an adaptable business setting.

According to the TeamViewer survey, there are three major roadblocks currently holding back progression in remote working options:

  1. Lack of information access
  2. Lack of collaboration with colleagues
  3. Poor quality video and telephone conferencing

These barriers pose a knock-on effect to general office happiness and well-being, which of course negatively influences worker productivity. But in order to combat these interconnected issues, it’s crucial that managers invest in the most appropriate business tools.

“The challenge will be meeting the requirements of the evolving workforce,” says Konstantin Ebert, Vice President of Sales EMEA, APAC & Global Channels. “As workers retire they will make way for the next-generation of employees,” he adds.

“These new workers have grown by using multiple devices; collaborating and sharing is second nature to them and they will expect this to be reflected when they enter the workforce. The future of work is here and businesses can support this change by creating a workplace that embraces employees’ expectations with strategies that support how and where they want to work,” he concludes.

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TeamViewer is a simple, easy-to-use collaboration platform created with business needs in mind. HR departments are recruiting from the most environmentally-conscious generation the world has ever seen, and TeamViewer understands that sustainability plays a massive role in the decisions they make. TeamViewer enables users to remotely access and use a computer as if they’re sitting in front of it, offering greater flexibility when companies implement work-from-home policies to increase sustainable business practices.

Since 2005, TeamViewer has connected people, places, and things with  a remote access, remote control and remote support solution that remains unrivalled in the market. Through the provision of a secure and powerful platform that serves as a borderless tool for work-based collaboration, TeamViewer inspires customer-colleague interaction without added complications such as needing time to prep, or having to navigate several separate programs.

The cloud-based Software’s dynamic features include:

Maximum compatibility – Flexible computer to computer, mobile to computer, computer to mobile, and mobile to mobile connections that support Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and BlackBerry.

Smooth connectivity TeamViewer works behind firewalls and automatically detects any proxy configuration so it can be used instantly.

Productivity boosting Support and collaborate with people immediately with no configuration and simple navigation. Exchange information. Remotely access and use technology like you’re in the same room without the travel and expense.

Secure Ensure the security of data, devices, and networks with military-grade encryption and additional security features like two-factor authentication, trusted devices, and whitelists.

International – the software is available in more than 30 global languages and supports international PC accessories.

TeamViewer has also created Blizz; an elite meeting and online conferencing product that combines online conferencing and traditional telecoms, giving anyone the power to dial from a laptop or computer. While existing products tend to have various architectural issues, Blizz represents a light business tool with a wealth of functionality – and it’s incredibly easy to set up via

Above all, TeamViewer provides a practical and secure product that strives to meet the needs of a happy and much more flexible contemporary business setting. While most collaboration products promote encryption but also present gaps in overall security, both Blizz and TeamViewer are end-to-end encrypted, assuring peace of mind as employees remain remotely connected to the people who matter most.

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