Web-based collaboration: The key to success in a globalized business world
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Web-based collaboration: The key to success in a globalized business world

With the constant evolution of the Internet, the world has never seemed so big. Information is now everywhere, lining the walls of city subways or answering the beck and call of our digitally-connected fingertips. And the world continues to grow in a professional business sense, with globalization reinventing the contemporary economy and transforming contemporary business strategies.

Consumer demand is also revolutionizing the digital platforms we choose to use, inspiring global business leaders to keep the pace with ever-changing market trends. But while such fast progression may be a flame for innovation, it can also spur widespread fear of the unknown in terms of the effects of globalization, stirring feelings of unrest and concerns about being left behind. To put this into perspective, Huffpost cites a recent study that revealed almost half of EU citizens categorize globalization as a danger.

But globalization is a real-world concept and it happens in real-time.

If businesses are to remain successful, it’s crucial that they accommodate the growth. While figureheads remain aware that globalization stimulates wealth production, they also understand that it presents a host of barriers when it comes to navigating multiple offices and a client base that spans the world.

The world economy is one that stays connected 24-hours a day, making the ability to communicate immediately a must for any business to thrive. The 21st century lifestyle in itself requires things to happen in an instant, which means there’s no time for technical hitches or lack of response for any company striving to succeed.

“The development of a more ‘agile’ approach to working is a direct product of this,” notes BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

“Initially founded on the basis of creating new software development methodologies for the modern economy, its central principles are based on a core set of simple values; the desire to see individual interactivity over processes and tools, the championing of working software over comprehensive documentation, the belief in continual collaboration with the customer rather than negotiation, and the ability to rapidly respond to change rather than being constrained by a formulaic and stringent plan,” the institute reports.

Web-based collaboration via cutting-edge conferencing tools is undoubtedly the best way to ensure any company stays ahead of the digital curve, ensuring employees remain energized and united regardless of where they are in the world.

Here are three ground-breaking products to serve your global collaboration and web conferencing needs…


According to a recent TeamViewer survey, there are three major roadblocks to progress in remote working options:

  • Lack of information access
  • Lack of collaboration with colleagues
  • Poor quality video and telephone conferencing

These barriers effect general office happiness and well-being, which reduces worker productivity. To combat these interconnected issues, it’s crucial that managers invest in appropriate business tools.

TeamViewer is a simple, easy-to-use collaboration platform created with business needs in mind. HR departments are recruiting from the most environmentally-conscious generation the world has ever seen, and TeamViewer understands that sustainability plays a massive role in the decisions they make. TeamViewer enables users to remotely access and use a computer as if they’re sitting in front of it, offering greater flexibility when companies implement work-from-home policies to increase sustainable business practices.

Since 2005, TeamViewer has connected people, places, and things with  a remote access, remote control and remote support solution that remains unrivalled in the market. Through the provision of a secure and powerful platform that serves as a borderless tool for work-based collaboration, TeamViewer inspires customer-colleague interaction without added complications such as needing time to prep, or having to navigate several separate programs.

The cloud-based software’s dynamic features include:

  • Maximum compatibility – Flexible computer to computer, mobile to computer, computer to mobile, and mobile to mobile connections that support Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and BlackBerry.
  • Smooth connectivity TeamViewer works behind firewalls and automatically detects any proxy configuration so it can be used instantly.
  • Productivity boosting Support and collaborate with people immediately with no configuration and simple navigation. Exchange information. Remotely access and use technology like you’re in the same room without the travel and expense.
  • Secure Ensure the security of data, devices, and networks with military-grade encryption and additional security features like two-factor authentication, trusted devices, and whitelists.
  • International – The software is available in more than 30 global languages and supports international PC accessories.

TeamViewer has also created Blizz; an elite meeting and online conferencing product that combines online conferencing and traditional telecoms, giving anyone the power to dial from a laptop or computer. While existing products tend to have various architectural issues, Blizz represents a light business tool with a wealth of functionality – and it’s incredibly easy to set up via Blizz.com.

Above all, TeamViewer provides a practical and secure product that strives to meet the needs of a happy and much more flexible contemporary business setting. While most collaboration products promote encryption but also present gaps in overall security, both Blizz and TeamViewer are end-to-end encrypted, assuring peace of mind as employees remain remotely connected to the people who matter most.

Read more about TeamViewer here.


As one of the world’s fastest-growing platforms for cloud communications, Arkadin provides a distinct portfolio of leading-edge audio, web and video conferencing solutions that are essential for success in a digitally-connected working world.

Through a comprehensive range of solution strategies that cover everything from UC to the Digital Meeting Space, Arkadin provides an end-to-end portfolio of core product sets and value-added professional and managed services, complemented by the development of thorough and reliable support facilities.

In the diverse UC arena, Arkadin provides Arkadin Total Connect, offering a global phone, conferencing, and contact center solution, consolidated into one convenient business package. This dynamic customer care app is built to serve the needs of the modern business innovator, presenting flat-rate, unlimited PSTN dial-in audio conferencing services, with local access to numbers in more than 55 countries worldwide. Morphing Skype for Business into a business-class phone system, this unrivalled product encompasses palpable productivity gains to advance virtually every business venture.

Arkadin helps nurture a digital workplace that truly thrives, invigorated and energized by the requirements of business’ most visionary creatives. ArkadinVision, for example, allows companies to utilize audio, web or video conferencing platforms at the simple click of a button, regardless of variables like location, technology or device

“Arkadin demonstrates once again that they are on the cutting-edge of where the collaboration market is headed,” says Roopam Jain, Industry Director of Enterprise Communications & Collaboration for Frost & Sullivan.

“Our customers now have a complete digital meeting space to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workplace that requires more flexibility in how to collaborate,” says Thomas Valantin, Chief Commercial Officer for Arkadin.

“We’re confident ArkadinVision will appeal to businesses of all sizes looking to empower their work forces for greater productivity in our digitally transformed workplace,” he concludes.

Read more about Arkadin here.


The fast-paced world of business has no time for complication, and Join.Me, a product of LogMeIn, represents a single consolidated platform that fully recognizes this. With carefully-selected features specifically-designed for everyday use, this product makes the video conferencing process easier than it’s ever been before.

“As if video didn’t make meetings engaging enough, join.me offers video bubbles – simple, light, floating visual images of you and the people you are meeting,” the product website states.

“Users can view live video bubbles of one another during video-only meetings or while simultaneously sharing their screens.

“All our advanced audio features are included standard in your join.me PRO or BUSINESS license,” it adds. “This includes local conference numbers in the U.S. and 50+ countries, optional toll-free numbers, and audio controls for meeting hosts such as Active Speaker, Individual Mute and Roll Call,” the website explains, noting how the tool lets everyone join the conversation regardless of whether they got there by phone or via the internet calling service.

This innovative platform strives to break down complex communication barriers, eliminating issues attached to traditional conference forms, while also serving the needs of a globalized profession by diminishing the need to meet face-to-face. An investment in Join.me is inevitably an asset in terms of business success, allowing colleagues, clients and companions alike to join the conversation in an instant – and it’s 100 percent hassle free.

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