A10 Security Solutions: Multi-tiered protection to keep your business safe
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A10 Security Solutions: Multi-tiered protection to keep your business safe

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A large portion of all network traffic is currently encrypted, and this is expanding at an increasing rate. The implementation of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), as well as its descendent, Transport Layer Security (TLS), can significantly improve matters like confidentiality and message integrity, offering cryptographic protocols that bolster customer confidence while considerably reducing corporate risk.

According to the recent Edelmen Trust Barometer for 2017, “trust is in a crisis around the world”, and while 76 percent of the global population claim to still have faith in existing and emerging technologies, the Barometer states “there is no room for complacency” as trust among both the employee and customer base is a credit that should not be overlooked.

“The concern with the technology sector stems from the fact that any vulnerability or attack can have serious consequences both in terms of business cost and operations, as well as brand value,” writes Anand Srinivasan for Customer Think.

“Arguably, the first step to ensuring customer privacy and safeguarding their data is enforcing secure connections across your services, be they web, application, database connections, or otherwise,” he adds. “This mostly involves incorporating SSL/TLS…which encrypts internet traffic from point to point.”

Another security issue that needs to be addressed is DDoS, or Distributed Denial of service. Through the years, these attacks have been slowly morphing into powerful multi-vector attacks that cripple corporate IT infrastructure.

More often than not, this type of intrusion serves as a distraction, keeping IT staff members busy. From here, threat actors sometimes make use of encrypted traffic to conceal the real damage, which can be anything from the theft of company data to embedded ransomware.

This is where A10 Networks’s security solutions and unique business insight comes into play.

THUNDER SSLi: High-Performance Visibility in SSLi-Encrypted Traffic

While SSL-encrypted traffic continues to grow, the majority of security devices are deemed inefficient. But with the help of Thunder SSLi, the SSL-encrypted traffic headed to your business will become transparent, offering invaluable insights that help you block possible threats.



Key features of the product include: flexibility, high-performance visibility, application delivery partitions, URL category bypass, URL filtering, firewall load balancing, and reduced load on security infrastructure.

An investment in Thunder SSLi brings a wealth of business benefits, not only boosting workplace productivity but also alleviating levels of stress caused by deficient systems. First off, the product’s elite process for SSL decryption removes the blind spot found in corporate defense structures, giving third-party security devices the power to audit encrypted traffic.

On top of this, the use of a cloud-based self-learning network allows Thunder SSLi to organize more than 13 billion URLs, and 460 million domain names, to offer superior clarity. This high-performance platform also clears out onerous tasks like SSL decryption, URL filtering and ICAP integration from perimeter security.

THUNDER TPS: DDoS Protection

This distinct A10 Networks product line represents a cluster of high-performance solutions that detect and mollify multi-vector DDoS attacks at the network edge, serving as the first line of defense for your network infrastructure.

Key features of the product include: multi-vector protection, scalability, efficient network integration, traffic baselining, a programmatic policy engine, granular traffic control, an outstanding threat intelligence service, and cloud-based volumetric attack protection.


Since DDoS attacks are everchanging, it is imperative for protection platforms to adapt to evolving intrusion strategies. Recognizing this, the Thunder TPS shields your network from simultaneous attack vectors spanning from L3 through to L7.

Additionally, the product’s multi-tiered architecture offloads common attack vectors to specialized hardware, adapting the CPUs to focus on complex application layer attacks, and the Thunder TPS is proven to scale in the most demanding environments. The product also grants you full control, letting you enforce protection policies that serve your specific business needs. Leveraging open standards and an open API allows Thunder TPS to integrate in any network environment, standing as an asset to any business ranging from large to small.

A sound corporate investment…

The effectiveness of A10’s security solutions can be measured via rates of client satisfaction, with Gary Barter, Head of Marketing at C4L, highlighting how an investment in Thunder TPS to mitigate sophisticated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and improve service availability across all networks.

“Customers trust C4L to protect them from the crippling effects of a vast array of escalating multi-vector DDoS attacks on a daily basis,” he explains. “Thunder TPS 3.2 greatly expands our effectiveness through the surgical nature of the countermeasures, the comprehensive baselining, anomaly detection capabilities, and detailed monitoring,” he concludes.

On top of preventing data breaches and encryption issues that have the potential to devastate your business, A10’s suite of security solutions also provides valuable analytical insights into network and cloud traffic that your corporation can truly trust.