4 reasons to invest in a Document Management System
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4 reasons to invest in a Document Management System

Save time, reduce cost and drive growth via one streamlined solution…

It was Jeff Weiner, Chief Executive Officer of LinkedIn, who said: “Data really is in everything we do”. And as we careen on the path of digital progression that promotes a faster and more connected world, information is the key to corporate success, and data is undeniably everywhere.

But in light of the continuing Big Data Revolution, one cold, hard fact remains: that businesses attempting to harness data without the right tools to mould it into relevant and readable information will find themselves unable to reach their full potential and that crucial competitive ‘edge’.

The effective management of data is one of the most vying concerns among contemporary firms. For those struggling to keep pace in a rapidly changing and inherently technological global business environment, there is a silver lining – that the right Document Management System (DMS) software can radically improve your company’s bottom line, allowing it to smoothly and conveniently adapt to every regulatory requirement.

Here are 4 key reasons for your company to invest in an industry-leading Document Management System…

  1. Reduced overhead costs

According to research by Gartner, staff spend up to 50 percent of their working hours searching for information, that’s around 18-minutes, on average, to locate each necessary document. That’s around 20-hours per week that each member of staff spends merely browsing your database! As the age old saying resounds, time equals money, and that’s why automation is the key to improved productivity, enabling you to boost capacity without having to grow your workforce.

  1. Access anywhere, at any time

Web-based DMS means users can access files, documents and data, any time, any place, and via any smart device – a feature that proves invaluable when working on collaborative projects with employees who work remotely.

  1. Outstanding security and unlimited storage capacity

The best DMS solutions on the market will offer multiple layers of system security to keep all enterprise data on severe lock-down. Backed by a comprehensive team of experienced technicians and intricate safety features, online DMS software will safeguard information in the case of a server crash or power outage, with the in-built capacity to back-up files to prevent data loss. These characteristics – and so many more – combine to make DMS one of the most secure corporate management tools currently on the market.

  1. Integration with third-party software

“App integration is a nifty capability that eliminates redundant data input and allows seamless information flow between disparate platforms,” Mamoun Chaouni writes for Business 2 Community.

“Not only does it save you time and effort, it maintains data integrity and accuracy as well,” he adds. “Some DMS even support email integration, affording you the ability to directly send files and documents to customers, colleagues, and vendor partners.”

Here are 4 global companies that provide the leading-edge of Document Management Software…



Information has become the currency of choice, and the world is constantly churning out reams of it. Adlib was founded by two engineers whose experience in building automated systems for factories was translated into robust, reliable and highly performant document automation software. The pair saw the advent of data chaos problems, and wanted to apply their experience to helping companies manage their data infrastructure as they transform from paper driven to truly digital organizations, turning that data into valuable information.

Today, Adlib has become a world leader in the Capture, Conversion and Classification, driving innovations to help clients streamline their workflows with accuracy and speed. Adlib automates document migration through Capture, Conversion and Classification in order to ensure the protection of high value documents and data by reducing manual data input errors, and redundant, obsolete and trivial data,  while also integrating it directly into enterprises’ workflows and existing ECMs.

Adlib’s software features Advanced Rendering technology that can convert documents from over 400 file formats into high quality, standards-based long term archive-ready PDF  which have made Adlib popular with companies in industries that are strictly regulated such as the financial services sector, insurance, energy and life sciences.

Adlib works with companies to maintain and process their documents across all stages of the document lifecycle, while also being highly scalable and extensible in order to handle millions of pieces of content. The company also works alongside government bodies, with its OEM partner, Lorenz, providing the software to Health Canada which is then used to review brand-new drug applications. Read the full profile …


The Adobe Document Cloud package will serve your every DMS need. This comprehensive, digital document workflow solution will inspire a computerized transformation that makes waves from the bottom line up.

While Adobe Acrobat DC offers the world’s preeminent PDF solution, empowering employees with the tools they need as you relish in the premise of a secure solution that you can really trust. This innovative software will give staff the power to create, edit and sign PDFs anywhere and at any time, all while benefitting from speedy installation and frequent management updates.

Adobe Sign, on the other hand, is the perfect software to bring credible e-signatures to sales, HR, procurement and beyond, embodying a streamlined and stress-free way to sign and manage documents across any connected device.

“We can help your organization rethink the way it manages document workflows — and transition existing systems to 100% digital,” the company explains. “Adobe Document Cloud…[is] completely secure and gives you the peace of mind you need, from the company that invented PDF.”



Also integrating daily business runnings for companies worldwide is Zoho, enabling your company to organize everything and share from any location via Zoho Projects.

“Zoho Projects helps you easily organize and work on files associated with a particular project,” the Zoho website notes. “No more version confusion, e-mailing files to yourself, or sifting through your inbox trying to find a crucial approval document from months ago. You always have instant access to the latest file versions—and can quickly see what others have changed.”

From documents to video clips, to graphics, spreadsheets, reports and beyond; Zoho Projects gives you the power to share files with your whole firm from one easy-to-use and convenient space. It’s a tool that even allows you to collaborate files with specific tasks, also granting the option of organizing them in systematic structures that reflect your own workflow and principles. Above all, Zoho Projects pledges total control with absolute simplicity.


Perceptive Document Management from Kofax provides a rigid structure from which you can regulate a diverse range of files. This comprehensive management product amplifies companywide accessibility to vital information, all the while driving organized integration through centralized workflow strategies that secure content of all forms.

“Effective document management systems require the proper classification or indexing of captured information,” Kofax explains. “Our integrated Content Models are built on industry requirements and best practices to help you capture, secure, process and locate content. It also lets you structure, manage and preserve content to best fit your business needs.”

Forged alongside familiar technologies like LearnMode™ and Pretrieve™, on top of Web services-based integration technologies, Kofax’s DMS infrastructures represent the integral tool for linking seemingly unstructured datasets with existing system records quickly and efficiently. 

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