CTSI-Global: Leading the field in Freight Audit and Payment
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CTSI-Global: Leading the field in Freight Audit and Payment

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Providing seamless integration to any AP, ERP, SAP, WMS and other TMS systems…

With supply chain management expertise that spans more than 60 years, CTSI-Global is a recognized pioneer of innovative transport solutions. With one easy-to-navigate, consolidated database, CTSI-Global assists global shippers and 3PLs with both the management and control of their supply chain system, incorporating every aspect from the physical and informational to the financial.

This intelligent, global company has maintained its position as a powerful provider of business intelligence, transport management systems and supply chain consulting services, also boasting the world’s influential portfolio of privately held freight bill audit and payment services.

“With leading-edge technology, CTSI-Global now processes over US$9 billion in Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant payments annually for 10,000 carriers and hundreds of quality clients,” the company website notes.

“CTSI-Global’s experience, technology and flexibility provide the highest level of expanded audit performance and payment solutions.”

By transferring the responsibilities of contract management, auditing, charges and payments to the hands of CTSI-Global’s qualified and experienced experts, you can rest assured that your company is receiving the most convenient and cost-effective solution from a respected industry player.


Not only will a freight audit and payment solution from CTSI-Global promise savings through a significant elimination of overcharge, it will also promote time-efficient practice in your business by significantly reducing the need for manual labour. Through uniquely standardized processes, CTSI-Global offers full visibility complete with business intelligence and dashboards, consistently identifying what’s been billed outside of the contract, thus saving your company precious time and money.

“Each client is unique and, therefore, treated as such at CTSI-Global. Data capture, edit routines, and reporting outputs are all customized to allow each client to meet corporate objectives,” the company website adds.

“With CTSI-Global’s strong attention to quality control, clients can rely on accurate data and timely carrier payments.”

And CTSI-Global’s solutions and services are undoubtedly superior to market competitors, providing a number of unique perks and benefits not found elsewhere. Use of one distinct, global system, for example, means the solution has the capacity to accommodate local, legal and business requirements, something that is not yet on the cards for existing market products.


On top of this, CTSI-Global already has an extensive network of customers throughout the Asia-Pacific (APAC), promising regionally-focused insight and experience that elevates your investment.

As an internationally-centered corporation, CTSI-Global is familiar with the complexities surrounding business in APAC, entering the floor with a complete comprehension of currency, tax, and other local issues when it comes to implementing a new freight bill audit process.

But by no means are the company’s services restricted to the APAC; with offices in every time zone, plus a passionate base of multilingual employees, CTSI-Global actively seeks to serve businesses on all four corners of the globe. The company’s highly-trained staff understand the importance of a consolidated, yet global, freight audit and payment system, and fully appreciates the need to employ a localized approach, not just relevant to your organization but also relevant to you.

“CTSI-Global offers customized processes to all of its clients and, consequently, has operated over the years in a continuous process-improvement environment,” adds CTSI-Global.

“…What this means to customers is that we are never satisfied being static,” the company concludes.

“As we process our customers’ transactions over the weeks and months, we are constantly looking at the exceptions, finding resolutions where possible with the customer, and streamlining the operations for both them and their carriers.”