Exact for Manufacturing: Your partner for world-class performance
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Exact for Manufacturing: Your partner for world-class performance

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“The Internet of Things (IoT) is more topical than ever. Almost daily we see the most surprising applications in the news. The possibilities seem endless and if you don’t get on board as a manufacturer, your competitor will take your seat. Quicker than you think. So, time to take some action!” – Auke Hylarides, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Exact

In the age of disruption, even new technologies are undergoing a period of transformative change, going from new and improved to revolutionary, far beyond the vision of global pioneers.

And with the rapid explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), a worldwide interface predicted to be worth US$561.04 billion by 2022, governments, businesses and manufacturers alike are harnessing the opportunities attached to this new-fangled, digital age.

“Human tasks are taken over by the upcoming robotics trend,” Auke Hylarides, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Exact, said in an exclusive interview with Tech Wire Asia.

“We have been seeing the use of robots for a long time already in the automotive industry, where robots have been used for several production tasks,” he explained.

He cited IBM’s supercomputer, the artificially intelligent Watson, as one example of a successful human-robot partnership.

“The human doctor still remains responsible at the end, but with Watson, this doctor can go through millions of medical data per second. The acceleration and refinement of robotics continues.”

Hylarides points out that the routine parts of a huge number of occupations, including in the metal and manufacturing industries, can now be completed by mechanical employees without a single ounce of compromise on quality. With this in mind, it has become imperative for global business leaders to consider how they plan to navigate company workload now and long into the future.


“People expect more and more in terms of how contemporary companies choose to communicate,” said the industry professional. “This means those companies, and the software they use, needs to change. It needs to be smarter – and that’s exactly what’s happening right now,” he explains.

“Machine or ‘automated learning’ will very quickly become what ‘Big Data’ was 10 years ago for the backend of ERP systems.”

Above all, this means that the modern manufacturer must produce faster, smarter products without a single flaw, on top of continuously innovating to maintain that crucial position one step ahead of the curve.

“Manufacturers of machinery have to deal with their customers’ demand for short delivery times, as well as requests for unique, customer-specific products,” Hylarides adds.

As such, global manufacturers must forge new ways to shorten their lead times, increase flexibility and maintain a constant state of innovation. This is why manufacturers# often try to standardize the overall production process, shifting from the traditional Make-to-Order strategy towards a more Assemble-to-Order method. Here, production of parts and standard components are outsourced, giving companies more room to focus on aspects such as R&D and marketing, on top of production with ‘strategic’ parts and assembly of the end-product.

This is exactly what Exact for Manufacturing sets out to achieve, offering an exclusively standardized tool that can connect your business to E-Commerce platform, which in turn links up to manufacturing machines, scales, MES systems and any other device with the Smart capacity to connect.

According to Hylarides, the results of this process include:

  • Less administrative waste
  • Reduced lead time
  • Less room for mistakes
  • Lower costs
  • Time-saving on data entry and spend on activities that help progress the company

“Exact offers the backbone business solution (ERP) that can connect with other critical applications and procedure steps no matter where they are, what they do, or crucially, where they reside,” he notes.

“Next, we work closely with innovation partners like Microsoft and Festo for this.”

But with a colossal 1.5 trillion items already boasting the ability to connect, the global IoT market is already saturated with products and solutions claiming to not just to simplify, but to better our lives.

So, what exactly is it that separates Exact for Manufacturing from existing market competitors?


“Exact offers a full suite solution that provides both insight and control,” Hylarides explains. “Not only does this give you the power to better manage processes and risks, it also significantly reduces cost and frees your time so you can excel your business and revenue.

“On top of this,” he adds, “Exact offers standard, but configurable software that’s easy to implement, giving you the chance to get your system up-and-running in a time efficient manner, all the while consuming less of your time which can instead be invested in those activities serving your customers”

And with Exact’s resounding international presence, this company pledges to support your needs on a global basis, offering a concise yet comprehensive solution that allows your business to break through borders. The company provides a quality of service that undoubtedly speaks for itself, receiving a glowing customer approval rating of 7.3 out of 10 for customer satisfaction, and 8.0 in terms of Exact’s overall quality of support.

“A lot of companies are looking into possibilities to incorporate new technology like intelligent machines and robots in manufacturing processes,” says Hylarides. “We see it is important that both the production environment and the supporting software are ready support this kind of initiative.

Such an environment means the assembly order is completely flexible, he points out, and can run smoothly even with minimal human involvement.

“It will be possible to instruct the production setting directly through the business software without human interference, theoretically making it possible to place an order through the web shop at 3am, which will come off the production line half an hour later. The manufacturing of the future will be more and more fully automated,” concludes Exact’s Product Marketing Manager.

“Robotization and automation are the future of manufacturing.”

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