Laserfiche: Elite global provider of ECM software
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Laserfiche: Elite global provider of ECM software

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“By providing a feature-rich implementation at an affordable price point, Texas A&M is able to make available economies of scale and document sharing that individual departments could not approach by themselves. This is value delivery at its best.” – Judith Lewis, Senior IT Manager at Texas A&M

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world caught up in the surge of rapid digitization, it’s crucial for companies to go above and beyond existing processes if they are to remain competitive. Staying ahead of the development curve should be the number one priority for ambitious business leaders, strengthened by a desire to empower employees to work better, faster and smarter.

One of the most effective ways this can be achieved is to grant employees, customers, contractors and third parties alike the capacity to secure digital access to company information wherever and whenever they need it. This is where Laserfiche comes in, a company recognized as a leading, global provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software for the last 30 years, enabling more than 36,000 organizations worldwide to take control of their information and business processes

“We tailor solutions to specific organization needs and empower them to streamline operations, manage organizational content, facilitate compliance, decrease overhead costs and integrate seamlessly with existing applications employees use every day,” the company explains.


“With intuitive solutions for document management and process automation, Laserfiche improves productivity, efficiency and strategic decision-making for organizations looking to transform the digital workplace.”

An investment in Laserfiche ECM or in Laserfiche Cloud will ultimately consolidate document management functionality, allowing you and your employees to get the most out of your Document Management Systems (DMS), maximizing the potential of your investment. It’s a product that will get you up-and -running quickly and efficiently, allowing you to store documents within intuitive folder structures in a familiar interface. Other functionalities include:

  • Convenient navigation of documents in organized folder structures;
  • Straightforward duplication of existing filing structures;
  • Option to make scanned or electronic files full-text searchable with Optical Character Recognition (OCR);
  • Ability to automatically file documents upon import;
  • Potential to preview and navigate content via thumbnails of document pages;
  • And the option to save changes with document check in/out.

As a respected government agency, Service SA, complies with prescriptive rules on managing state records according to Australian law by using Laserfiche Records Management. With the help of Laserfiche, the government body is now able to draw important data from forms, as well as apply logical workflows, store documents in a compliant manner to Australian laws, export data to its systems, and instantly receive documents from the repository, making the overall quality of customer service much more efficient.


“We make it less complex for citizens,” says Ray Moore, Manager of Web, Data and Print Solutions at Service SA’s Department for Premier & Cabinet.

“We are providing greater efficiencies,” he adds. “Laserfiche is a very important part of our information architecture going forward as it fills many of the gaps that we have in the systems as a retailer. We use many systems to provide services to citizens and an important part of what we are going to do in the future is bringing these systems together in one place,” he concludes.

It’s time to take control of your organization’s information and processes with the world’s most distinguished provider of ECM software. Schedule a demo today.

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