Tele2 IoT: IoT solutions to big problems
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Tele2 IoT: IoT solutions to big problems

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“I love the area of IoT. Not only are we helping lots of customers become better at what they do, making sure that they are going to survive and thrive, but we’re also making the world a better place.” – Rami Avidan, CEO Tele2 IoT

In an increasingly global and hyperconnected world, everything is getting smarter, and at a rate that’s difficult to track. There isn’t one aspect of daily life that hasn’t been touched by the effects of digitization; we live in an intricate web of global networks that connects man to machine and back to man again in a manner that enables smarter, more intelligent and calculated decisions made at a quicker pace.

As Europe’s fastest-growing Internet of Things (IoT) operator, connectivity is at the heart of Tele2 IoT. A global IoT enabler, Tele2 IoT’s business is all about expanding the popularity of connected devices, and making sure connections are optimized in ways that grow bottom lines. Orchestrating efficient communication between devices and machines, the company supports every stage of the corporate life cycle, nurturing the seed of an idea into the fully-bloomed deployment of a largescale solution.

“At Tele2 IoT we focus on what we do best; deliver global connectivity as well as enable efficient management and other added value services needed within IoT,” Says Rami Avidan, CEO of Tele2 IoT. “Our high quality IoT offering, combined with the strengths of our selected partners, truly reduce the complexity of both large- and small-scale IoT deployments in all verticals.”

Consistently striving to offer the ultimate customer value in everything they do, Tele2 IoT keeps on top of market trends and client needs to provide the perfect solution. In terms of IoT delivery, Tele2 IoT follows through on a number of innovative promises, including:

  • Simplicity: Tele2 IoT understands that it’s best to keep things simple, since unnecessary complications influence results. In line with this belief, Tele2 IoT guarantees its solutions are easy to comprehend and convenient to install, maintaining the optimum business conditions from beginning through to end.
  • Flexibility: Through the provision of adaptable connectivity solutions without the burden of fixed terms and for a minimum fee, Tele2 IoT offers an IoT business service that truly is unparalleled. This, together with the Tele2 2CONTROL Control Center addition, rewards customers with outstanding flexibility and control, promoting the most efficient management of your IoT connections and generating the most reliable company results.
  • Organization: By recruiting highly-skilled IoT professionals who exclusively work with the customer in mind, Tele2 IoT’s utmost dedication to IoT and M2M ensures that every solution is the best it can be.
  • Partners: Tele2 IoT forges close collaborations with every working partner, fitting each solution to each specific business need. Alliances are meticulously selected, working alongside the very best to ensure the greatest value for all customers.

“Making things talk opens for all sorts of things; new types of services, new revenue streams, reduced environmental impact, improved quality and uptime, cost optimizations – and an endless variety of strategic possibilities to grow your business,” Says Rami Avidan. “We have the products & services to make this happen.”