Red Dot Payment, empowering e-commerce at all levels across APAC
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Red Dot Payment, empowering e-commerce at all levels across APAC

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Red Dot Payment (RDP), a payments solution provider headquartered in Singapore, offers a pretty unique and expansive mix of products in their portfolio.

As a payments solution provider operating in the Asia Pacific region, RDP offers facilities in a broad range of channels: global names such as Mastercard, Visa, Amex and UnionPay are a given, but additionally, more localized payment methods like DBS PayLah! in Singapore and BCA KlikPay in Indonesia are supported too.

The emphasis on improving e-commerce interactions at all levels, from B2C to B2B, has informed RDP’s development teams, and the company offers a host of add-ons to its merchants in order to help increase customer retention and spend across the board. This includes, for instance, the facility for discount codes to be created quickly and easily to enhance customer loyalty programmes

RDP’s e-invoicing solution, InstanCollect, allows clients to transform their payment systems by automating invoices and reconciliation. A surprising number of concerns the world over still rely on the production of invoices to elicit payment; thankfully, all but the most intractable will accept secure, digital versions!

What sets RDP apart from other e-payment solution providers is its ability to offer bespoke integration and development services. In the e-commerce sense, bespoke engagements often means integrating existing systems with new ones while allowing data and reporting to flow interchangeably and seamlessly. RDP provides custom solutions which ultimately not only enable online payment but also improve operational efficiency – services not typically available from other payment gateways. Of note is RDP’s custom work in the hospitality sector which enables hotels to boost direct bookings, reduce costs and enhance loyalty marketing.


As an increasing number of goods and services are leased, hired or used on a membership basis, the ability for organizations to be able to take and manage recurring payments is paramount. As well as being able to securely retain digital payment details according to local compliance regulations, managing recurring payments can be a complex task. Customers changing their membership ‘level’, taking optional payment holidays, paying throughout a notice period before termination, plus the complexity layer added by credit card expiration, makes keeping on top of this type of payment a potential headache. RDP keep it simple and easy for businesses to offer these schemes to their customers. Cardholder data is tokenised and stored safely, while businesses can maintain a constant cash flow to run their services without worrying.

While tokenization appears to the uninitiated to be a concern meant only for security experts, according to a Forrester Survey from back in 2009, online users who couldn’t store card details were 14 percent more likely to abandon any e-commerce transaction and less likely to use that provider again. RDP offers tokenization solutions to reduce the number of clicks to checkout, and improve the experience for regular customers.

To find out more about Asia Pacific’s growing e-commerce enablers, get in touch with Red Dot Payment today.

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