Ensure RPA projects succeed and manage teams and robots from one source – ActiveOps

ActiveOps is a leader in back office workforce optimization solutions, with their cloud-based solution. Providing operations managers and team leaders with a comprehensive, effective and agile way to make productivity, utilization and efficiency gains, either as part of a Lean initiative or as part of a business transformation strategy.

Workware™ complements existing systems by extracting critical information from Business Process Management (BPM) systems, Transaction Processing Systems (TPM), Document Management Systems (DMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and manual processes to present a single view of all operations performance.

The key to any successful solution is in its measurable outcomes. By implementing Workware, the entire back office operations can monitor, plan and forecast work and capacity in a consistent and effective way.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) deployments and team members are valued resources, representing a significant investment. But systems which ignore one or the other lack the power needed for an enterprise that’s working to best practice. There needs to be a differentiation between robots and humans, but their activities serve one goal; to create back office operations that are truly transformative.

The Active Operations Management (AOM™) method is a management framework which enables disparate teams, departments, and systems to work towards one goal, with unified terminology, meeting formats and interpretation of operations data provided by Workware.

With Workware™ and AOM™, your organization can:

Unlock latent capacity, redeploy and balance resources

By balancing workloads between teams which have been traditionally “silo-ed”, managers can ensure work volumes are maintained at consistent levels, keeping productivity at an optimum.

Recognise performance, reduce stress

Best practice is not an immovable object; rather it changes over time, just as the enterprise does. Identifying best practice, skills development and training opportunities is a process of constant monitoring which relies on accurate operations data and its interpretation.

By providing visibility of individual, robotic, team and departmental performance, managers and individuals are able to make decisions based on accurate operations data. This enhances the control provided to operations managers and the realistic appraisal and goal setting to individual team members.

Embed consistency

AOM methodology ensures a framework for growth and continual monitoring and improvement. The framework, supported by Workware, is specifically designed for back office workforce optimization.

ActiveOps supports Lean, Six Sigma and other business or digital transformation initiatives. Rapid deployment enables implementations to be fully operational and benefits realized in a matter of weeks.

While change needs to be carefully managed, roadblocks in the bedding-down process are kept to a minimum due to the integrative nature of the system.

Blending robotic and human back-office resources allows managers to deliver optimal results by re-tasking and reskilling team members. Workware identifies resources, skills, availability and latent capacity to reduce overtime, cost of hiring and the training of new staff, therefore processing more work with the same resources.

Processes best suited for RPA can be identified, measured and implemented in order to increase capacity. Workware both helps to determine how many robots are required and eliminates inefficiencies prior to automation.

With better efficiency (and a happier workforce), savings in resources empower team members to be re-assigned to higher value tasks, released to other teams, or work flexibly to support workflow peaks.

Workware reporting and dashboards, also available on mobile devices, allows comparison of actual against planned performance levels in real-time, ensuring operational adjustments can be made immediately.

For an operations health check, or to learn more about how solutions from ActiveOps could benefit your organization, please contact the company.

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