Embrace integrated project planning with Avaza

Businesses will need to embrace better communication techniques, align projects with the company’s strategic roles and embrace agile project management methodologies in 2018, according to KPMG.

Software solutions like Avaza can help companies looking for efficient ways to deliver projects in 2018. With an integrated approach to project planning and delivery plus ERP-level functionality, Avaza provides businesses with a flexible and cost-effective means of achieving business success.

Everything in one place with integrated functionality

Avaza combines project management, resource scheduling, time/expense tracking, estimates, invoicing and reporting, allowing businesses to handle complex projects, review performance and stay on budget, all in one place.

Each module within Avaza can be used independently of the other, allowing businesses to choose which part of the suite best meets its needs.

For companies that need different apps to “talk” to each other. Avaza provides enhanced APIs and integrations with over 650+ apps via Zapier, including accounting software, so you can keep all your business data in sync.

Plan projects with confidence

Accept or turn down new projects confidently with increased visibility over your resources when you use Avaza. Plan your projects months in advance and see at a glance which team member is over or under-booked.

From setting resource availability to project-level cost and billing rates, the correct software will provide you with features that help you make more educated decisions for your business. Review project timelines, costs and expected billables before you even get started. Track profitability at any time and compare your estimated costs versus actuals to better understand your pricing structure.

Deliver client projects more efficiently

Whether you manage five people or 500, delivering a project requires effective collaboration and clear communication. With more and more teams adding remote resources, you need to be able to use a system that keeps everyone updated, regardless of their physical location.

From email-enabled task collaboration to flexible task-views, you can be confident that your team will have clarity over all the work they need to deliver, and when it needs to be delivered by. Managers can enable automated workflows for timesheet/expense approval so they can stay on top of costs as work is delivered.


Need to include your client in the mix? Easily assign them user roles and include them in your project workflows.

Gain ERP functionality, at a fraction of the cost

Software solutions that provide this level of functionality often fall within the “ERP” bracket, costing thousands of dollars a month for a handful of users. Avaza brings ERP-level functionality to mid-sized businesses that want to modernize but at a fraction of the cost.

While the Free plan is free forever, paid plans start at US$9.95. Need more users? Easily adjust your subscription at any time from within your account, and add more (or remove) user licenses as required. Cancel your subscription at any time, with no contract to lock you in.

Simple to get started with, and intuitive to use, Avaza users don’t need in-person training seminars to get started (although Avaza offers screen share sessions for free). Keeping clients at the top of their priority list, the software offers 24/7 customer support, including weekends and public holidays. This includes chat and email support, along with screenshare calls to troubleshoot complex problems.

Enter 2018 with a highly cost-effective solution to all your business needs, and gain greater insight into your business performance. Automate business processes, and free up your managers’ time so they can work on more strategic tasks. Run a better business in 2018 with Avaza.

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