Simon Alvarez

Simon Alvarez is a self-confessed mobile tech nut from the Philippines. He has an AB degree in English and is currently engaged in a perennial battle against the final two chapters of his Master's Thesis. He has worked for multiple online publications in the past, but his one true love has always been technology and anything that pushes the world forward.

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SMEs can get a boost through Tencent’s AI-powered ad business

CHINA’S premier internet firm, Tencent, is one of the most successful online ventures in the market. Catering to the Asian superpower’s hundreds of millions of internet users, Tencent’s numerous products,...

Trello now wants to live on your desktop

AFTER six years and a high-profile acquisition by Atlassian, however, Trello is finally branching out with the launch of a dedicated desktop applications for both Mac and Windows users.