Nexus One And iPhone mean little to Thailand

The world has gone smartphone crazy. Initially it was Apple’s iPhone now it is Google’s Nexus One that is garnering the attention and praise from media and the public across the world. 

There is no doubt that smartphones are changing the way the public communicates today. 

Today, using a phone to make a voice call is just one communication option. IM, email, Twitter, Facebook and Skype are now plausible from a smartphone which, in reality, with the processing power of a mini-computer and wireless internet access is much more than a phone. 

In Thailand, however, the smartphone revolution is coming at a far slower rate. 

This week the country’s major mobile phone news, which was somewhat under-reported, was Samsung overtaking Nokia’s market share to become the Kingdom’s leading manufacturer. 

The reality of Thailand, and Samsung and Nokia’s successes, is that smartphones prices are just too high for most of the country. 

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