AdMob: Nokia & Apple Lead Smartphone Surge In Southeast Asia

AdMob, the mobile advertising network recently acquired by Google, has released its latest Southeast Asia regional metrics report.

The findings focus on manufacturer share, smartphone OS share and the top devices on the AdMob network (which covers 15,000 mobile internet sites) across Southeast Asia, Australia and India during Q4 2009.

Overall highlights include:

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– Smartphone penetration reached 40% across Southeast Asia during the period 

– Singapore had the highest smartphone penetration rate (77%) while Vietnam had the lowest smartphone penetration rate (22%) 

– Mobile internet usage in Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam grew the fastest in 2009 with an average monthly traffic growth rate of 458% 

– Nokia was again the leading manufacturer in Southeast Asia with 52% of ad requests, followed by Apple (15%) and Sony Ericsson (12%) 

– Symbian OS (Nokia) was the most popular operating system in the region (77% ad requests) ahead of iPhone OS (19%). Combined, they represented 96% of smartphone traffic on the AdMob network in Southeast Asia. 

The Nokia N70 is the most popular smartphone device in Indonesia, Philippines and India. 

– The iPhone OS was most dominant in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong with 93 percent, 84 percent and 76 percent, respectively, of ad requests in December 2009. 

 Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong are responsible for 69 percent of the region’s total iPhone traffic.

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