Internet as a fundamental right!


4 in 5 believe that Internet is a fundamental right as per the latest study conducted by BBC.

A poll of 27,000 adults in 26 countries for the BBC World Service showed 78 percent of Internet users believed the Web gave them greater freedom, while nine in 10 said it was a good place to learn. Half of them believe web should never be regulated.

This should come as no surprise because Internet by far is the most important tool making the world flat. Thanks to Twitter, people found greater uses for Internet. No wonder it is nominated for Nobel peace prize.

Finland has already recognized this. It made Internet as a legal right along with food and water. Fundamental right or legal right Internet has come a long way. Nobody no longer wonders if Internet is good or not. It is just like electricity.

Water, Food, Shelter, Electricity and Internet – respectively in that order.

I know I missed TV in that order.   

Over 70 percent of respondents in Japan, Mexico and Russia said they could not live without the Internet. (Yahoo)

It’s  hard to beat that. Now the question is how can we get the other half of the world on the net.