Google #devfest 2010 under way in Manila

[UPDATED] Hundreds of Filipino geeks and netizens are now gathered for the Google Devfest 2010 today at the UP Technohub in Quezon City. On the agenda are: Chrome/HTML5, App Engine, Social APIs and Maps API.

Follow the proceedings on Twitter via the hashtag #devfest.

Speakers include Jeremy Orlow, Daniels Lee, Patrick Chanezon, Timothy Jordan, and Bob Aman. There are Googlers around including Google country consultant for the Philippines, Aileen Apolo

Most of the attendees appear to be college and university students from all over Metro Manila, with a smattering of folks from startups and companies. There are about 300 people packing the UP Technohub now.

In the first morning session, Lee shared inputs, tips and suggestions on using the Google Maps API.

Check out the program and lineup of topics and speakers here.

Orlow meanwhile introduced HTML5 developments in a well-applauded presentation.

More HTML5 goodies could be found here.

Jordan and Aman spoke on Google Buzz and the conversational web.They showed off Buzz Bingo as an example of the uses of Google Buzz. Buzz Bingo may be used during conferences. 

Chanezon meanwhile discussed Google Cloud for Developers and the Google App Engine. View Chenezon’s earlier presentation given in Sydney. 

Organizers and sponsors have yet to put up a WIFI hotspot so some of us who badly need internet connections are depending on our own mobile broadband devices and accounts. I hope that whichever telco is sponsoring the internet access today would be able to get all of us connected as soon as possible.

The big turnout is good news for the participants. While many aim to be employed by companies or go abroad where there are better opportunities,  a number of Filipino developers and netizens want to stay here and form their own startups.