Are Indonesia’s rural cities a potential Internet/mobile market?

Most Indonesian startups launched these days only focus on Jakarta and maybe two other big cities as their main target audience. It would be Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, and Bali, and the rest of Indonesia is forgotten. Most would argue the lack of internet adoption, although one could argue with the fact that most mobile revenue is generated from areas outside of Jakarta.

A recent research conducted by Marketeers, shows an interesting fact about the rural areas and its relationship with the internet. They published a chart that shows how important a media is to people in specific cities. They’re interviewing 2100 people from 10 cities around Indonesia, 14-35 years old from A,B,C SES – class. And the result is quite surprising!

As you can see in the chart, people in Jakarta prefer Internet rather than television. Normal.

But if you see the rest of the chart, you can also see that Denpasar and Pekanbaru has the same behavior asJakarta, they prefer Internet rather than TV. It’s pretty obvious for Denpasar, a tourist destination and probably the most “Western” part of Indonesia with the sophisticated blend of western culture and Balinese.

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