Osama was killed because he didn’t have Internet

Never thought Internet could be a deadly thing? Well ask Osama Bin Laden. Sorry, I forgot. He’s dead. The job, which was started by George Bush, has been finally completed by Barack Obama, ensuring probably a second term for the current US president. Coming back to Osama’s death, how did it all happen?

Like all things related to terrorism this has its own twists and turns. All of which can be easily understood by watching any high profile Hollywood movies released after 9/11. Suspect or target tracking which takes to another target or a hide out and so the maze continues. A similar thing has happened in Osama chase.  It did not happen overnight. It took years of perseverance by the US government to track him down and they got one chance to mount an attack on the potential target and they did good with it too.

The most interesting thing in the whole episode is this. Osama Bin Laden is living in a million dollar home in Abbottabad (in Pakistan) with 18 feet high walls with barbed wire fence. A million dollar home in a wealthy suburb is nothing to be suspicious about. What was suspicious about this abode is its lack of Internet or a phone connection. There are other triggers such as few windows or the lack of trash coming out of the house. Most of these things have compounded in to a snowball which has brought down Osama.

In this increasingly connected world, you’re be damned if you have Internet and you’re damned if you don’t have Internet. If the million dollar house which hosted Osama had Internet or telephone, Osama would have been caught sooner? Maybe Osama should have had Internet, should have hired a Internet consultant and surfed incognito. Damn. He should have tapped social media. So for all the wannabe terrorists out there, if there is one thing to learn from Osama’s death then it is this : Have an internet connection and a phone connection too.

Having a LED TV in a shanty slum is incongruous with the surroundings. So is not having an Internet connection in a million dollar home. Simple things missed. Death assured.