India’s fight against corruption mounts, govt website hacked

Well, well, well, what do we have here? The fight against corruption in India spawned a twitter app to spread the word the other day. The Twitterverse went on a mission of findingmanmohan yesterday, and today, an anonymous group has hacked a particular government website with a message to Mr. Prime Minister and others (Kapil Sibal probably).

The website link is, which is no longer available. Google Cache still has the picture. Hacker News has reported this.

Here’s the screenshot from :

.We exist without nationality. We exist with humanity.
.NIC took 3 mins.
.This time we talk to the government – On NIC Homepage and Sub-Domains.
.There is no use securing. There is no use of spending on forensic.
.Get this message clear Mr. Prime Minister and others.
.We do not like to talk much and Yes! IT is our world.
.Expect Us.

That’s a sweet little message. However, the line number two conflicts with line six. If a person exists without nationality then he or she doesn’t care much about the Prime Minister. Since this is an Indian government website, Mr Prime Minister would definitely be Dr. Manmohan Singh, whom we found yesterday.

IT is our world – These guys sure look tech savvy. Why did they hack only a sub-section of a larger website? Was it too difficult to get to the main domain and post the message there? If it is from India, then they better get good at it. If it’s not from India, then the NIC forensic has to get good at what they ought to be doing.

I can tell one thing. This is definitely not coming from China.

I am not sure if many people agree, but this is getting interesting in a weird way.