Dailylicious weekly recap

It’s time for Dailylicious‘ weekly recap, but before we write a variety of information received by DailySocial editorial, we would like to apologize to our readers at DailySocial because since last week DailySocial suffered from a server down and cannot be accessed, hopefully this time we managed to get rid of the gremlins who dwell in our servers and DailySocial can always be accessed smoothly.

The first news that appears on Dailylicious is about a short list of businesses that use ‘nesia as their last name, it’s quite interesting because if we previously knew about Urbanesia, there are some startup or other businesses that use the last name nesia, such as Golfnesia, Fanesia (we have discussed it in DailySocial), Exportnesia, Kuponesia and others, along with a brief list of links can be viewed from this link.

Before getting into other information from Dailylicious, there is an update from the news about Kapanlagi acquisition, the news is still a rumor though and we will update it if there’s any further information. In addition there is information relating to RIM, API for BBM has been opened for public since a week ago, we also write about BBM social platform explanation, BBM social platform that doesn’t mean BBM for IOS or Android. We also have article about Dealkeren post Livingsocial acquisition.

Next in Dailylicious there is an interesting statements from Jeremiah Owyang or @jowyang, an Industry Analyst at the Altimeter Group, he Tweet a statement that if you feel you have no competitors, the answer is there are only three, you were in the wrong market, self-denial, or both, so competition is not always bad in fact good for business development.

Still about Google+, this time @niwat0ri passes his opinion with ‘the chicken comics’ – ChickenStrip, this time the chicken expressed his opinion about Google+ circle, want to know what he thinks, check it out via this link.

Back to DailySocial, there are several services that change their look, and launched the latest version of each service, Rockto and Tonehighway are two of them. Koprol also officially held a press conference to introduce the new look of their sites for both desktop and mobile as well as commemorate Koprol 1st anniversary under Yahoo, for complete information can be read at this link and this.

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