Yahoo! Post launches in Indonesia

Yahoo! Post Indonesia has officially launched. Post Indonesia is the third Yahoo! Post after in Hong Kong and Korea. In both countries, Yahoo! Post is known as KPost and has been established since 2010. Yahoo! Post tries to make collaboration of two popular areas on the internet those – social and search.

Yahoo! Post is actually simple and easy to use. You just need to write certain keyword and you can chat with other Yahoo! Post users in forum-like conversation. The difference is no need to float the thread just to make it up because every topic will be shown as a search result. iPad 2s and iPod Touchs was offered as prizes for Yahoo! Post users for the launch.

When I attended the event, it looked at how the activity built for Yahoo! Post in several topics makes Yahoo! Post looks dynamic. The example is the thread on Facebook game The Sims Social that now is very popular. Any users can share or ask about the topic. When this article was written there are 163 topics. You can also browse to the topics. It main market is young people around 15-25 years old.

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