Apple iPad 3 Already Shipping From Apple Suppliers in China – Reports

Apple’s rumored iPad 3 might already be on its way to distribution channels, as Chinese suppliers are reportedly shipping the tablets to the U.S. and international markets. Will Apple fans and customers expect the iPad 3 to arrive in stores this March?

Artist's rendition of what Apple's iPad 3 might look like

Apple‘s suppliers from China are reportedly sending shipments of the iPad 3 to locations in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, reports sources via Sina Weibo. According to 9to5Mac, shipments are expected to move from China to distribution channels from February 26 to March 9, signalling that Apple might be gearing for its release of the much-awaited update to its iPad tablet platform. Further, Apple is likely to accept pre-orders even before the actual product announcement.

iPad 3 shipments apparently being loaded onto a cargo plane (Photo: Vicent-dayday via Sina Weibo)

Once the iPad 3 is launched, Apple is expected to continue selling its existing iPad 2 tablet as an entry-level model, which is similar to how Apple prices its products in the U.S. and European markets. Aside from the iPad, Apple is likewise expected to announce one more product in March, although there is no indication what the product could be. TFTS speculates that this could be a next-generation Apple TV, although it will not be the integrated iTV that will reportedly accelerate Apple’s three-screen approach to multimedia content: smartphone, tablet and TV screen.