After Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg Spotted in China; Is Facebook Expanding Here, Too?

China it is. If you have any doubts about China’s technology prowess and American tech companies’ new-found love for China, then quash that thought right now. China is the new favorite destination for top technology CEOs. First it was Tim Cook who paid a visit to an Apple Store in Beijing. Now Chinese paparazzi have spotted Mark Zuckerberg with his girlfriend in China. And yes, Zuck visited the Apple store, too.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted in Shanghai, leading to speculation that the social network might be expanding here. (Photo Credit:

Apple has tapped China really well. First with a massive Apple store and it followed it up later with the launch of iPhone 4S. As per latest rumors Apple has found a new bedfellow in Chinese search engine Baidu, putting an end to Google’s China dreams. In a way Apple had it easy because of the hardware it sells.

Facebook isn’t finding it very easy to enter Chinese markets. China has its own social networking sites and Facebook isn’t allowed in China. Zuckerberg has already visited China once and it’s common knowledge that he has been learning Chinese for more than a year now. Zuckerberg’s latest trip — if it’s the real-Zuckerberg — wouldn’t be about getting to know the latest Shanzai gadgets nor would it be about going live with his Chinese language skills. It would definitely mean business.

Something in me tells that, if any US-based social network has a real chance in China then it has to be Facebook. With Weibos, Twitter really doesn’t have a chance. Also Twitter which introduced country-specific filtering earlier has clearly said that it can’t bend its rules for China. Google didn’t play nice with China, and we know how that panned out.

That leaves Facebook and Pinterest, too (if you are following the buzz). Facebook is perhaps the most apolitical of the lot, and the company has much to benefit from a presence in China. At the end of the day we are talking about a billion mobile users and half a billion Internet users. Ain’t that right, Zuck?

Via MIC Gadget