Flipboard iPhone App Available in China, Also Brings Chinese Content to Worldwide Audience

Popular iPad social reader Flipboard is now available in China, and the developers have launched an iPhone version especially built for this market. While the new app allows users to read and share stories via the socially-aware app, Flipboard likewise enables worldwide users to view content from popular Chinese social networks like Sina Weibo and Renren.

Flipboard for iPhone has been redesigned with focus on providing a quick overview of relevant content. With the new Cover Stories feature, users get a quick update from close friends from Sina Weibo and Renren. Cover Stories will also present relevant articles from other sources connected to one’s Flipboard account, particularly the most-shared stories in subscribed sections and topics.

Aside from being available in China to iPhone and iPod Touch users, Flipboard is also making Renren and Sina Weibo content easily accessible to readers outside of the mainland. Readers from the rest of the world can now see updates, posts and photos from these popular social networks. Flipboard users only need to login to their Sina Weibo or Renren accounts from within Flipboard’s settings.

Stacks of Content

Flipboard for iPhone and iPod Touch uses a different interface from the iPad version. While iPad users flip through content in a magazine-like layout, the iPhone user experience uses “stacks” through which users flip vertically. Users can use a simple thumb swipe-up to browse through content. Stories can be opened using a tap or slide. Sliding back will return a user to the vertical story stack.

Flipboard for iPhone has the following feature highlights:

  • Social Networks: Enjoy everything in one place from Sina Weibo, Renren, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Reader.
  • Cover Stories: Get a quick update on interesting stories and photos from all your social networks and favorite Flipboard content.
  • Flipboard Accounts: Access to all the favorite content and social networks you saved on the iPad edition of Flipboard with a Flipboard Account.
  • Chinese Content Guide: Recommended reading in a Content Guide specifically developed for Chinese readers, which includes fantastic articles, photos and updates from publications such as VOGUE, Esquire and Cosmopolitan China as well as content from popular services Youku and Douban.
  • Search Bar: Find social conversations, posts and feeds from any person or publication and on any topic. For example, search “San Francisco’s scenery” and get results from, Sina Weibo, Renren, RSS and Instagram.
  • Share Everywhere: Just one tap to share, like or comment to add to the conversation on the social network an item was posted to.
  • Fast Flip: Scan through pages as quickly as you can with just a flick of a thumb.
  • Read later: Use Instapaper or Read It Later to mark stories you want to save.

Flipboard is available for free via Apple China’s App Store.