LG Mass Producing Flexible e-Paper Displays for e-Readers

e-Book readers, tablet computers and smartphones have supposedly paved the way for the demise of the newspaper, but traditional publications are still going strong, at least in some regions. Perhaps it’s due to the preference for the feel and flexibility of paper that some consumers still want to read their morning paper on actual paper while sipping coffee. But LG might soon change that, with flexible e-paper now being in mass production.

Electronic paper started out as stiff material with low contrast displays and slow refresh rates. With LG’s latest development, however, e-paper might soon act just like real paper in terms of flexibility. LG is reportedly mass producing electronic paper that can bend. The 6-inch displays support up to 1024×768 resolution and can bend up to 40 degrees.

The Verge cites Korean publications that report LG is already shipping the flexible e-paper to to Chinese manufacturers for building into ebook readers, and could make their way into European markets as early as this coming April.

LG is cited to say the 0.7 mm thick display is as thin as the protective plastic film that comes with most smartphones and tablets today. Tests conducted with 1.5 meter drops and pounding with a rubber mallet resulted in no damage.

Aside from LG, Samsung Electronics is reportedly planning to release smartphones with flexible displays, although these are likely to be available only by 2013.