10 Awesome Home Accessories That Scream “Geek”

Have you ever thought your home could do with a smattering of app icons, a science fiction artwork or two and a doormat covered in binary code? Did you just cry “it’s like you’re reading my mind”? Then this list may be the answer to your never-ending quest to make your home look as awesome as your smartphone.

1. Slide to unlock doormat

You may be used to sliding to unlock your phone — but can you slide to unlock your front door? No. No, you can’t. But I’m sure it’s fun to try on this springy rubber doormat. If you’re looking for something a little more abstract, there is also a doormat that spells out ‘Welcome’ in binary code and a cassette tape version if you’re more analogue than iPod.

2. Icon cushions

Geeky pillows seem to be a big thing. Who knew? Whether you’re an Apple junkie, a Twitter addict or just a fan of nerdy glasses, there are some Etsy stores which can transform your couch into a home for fluffy squares of geekiness. A quick browse through the options provided by sellers like Gift pillows,Icon pillowsYellow bug boutique and Nerd cuddle (yes, really) will make you start to think that your life would be better with a Twitter icon on your chair. If you’re more into Dreamweaver or Photoshop than Whatsapp, My Suite Stuff has a collection of Adobe Creative Suite pillows to make your time apart from InDesign more bearable.

3. Periodic table shower curtain

Why yes, this is the shower curtain you saw in that episode of Big Bang Theory (no, it doesn’t come with an annoying roommate or sing ‘soft kitty’). But if it was hanging in your bathroom, I bet you’d have the periodic table memorised by the end of the week. Therefore, you could probably write it off as an educational expense. Boom.

4. Ctrl Alt Del pillows:

Yes, more pillows. How awesome are these ctrl alt delete cushions that look like they just popped off your keyboard? There is also a Mac version if you’re an Apple fan. They’re all made from eco-felt (constructed from recycled bottles) — so if you buy one, you’re not decorating your couch, you’re saving the planet. Really.

5. Pacman side tables

Have you ever wished you could casually rest your coffee cup on a Pacman ghost? No? So you’re not interested in a pacman table in all its pixelated glory? Seriously? Well, we’ll just move along swiftly then.

6. USB and @ symbol book ends

Despite what you may have heard otherwise, books are not yet extinct — you may even own some. You can bring them up to date sharply with this geeky set of bookends, which are also perfect for a Twitter addict who @mentions like a machine, still reads lots of books and um, uses their USB port? There is also a version that spells out ‘geek’, if you’d like to throw caution to the wind and declare your status openly.

7. Wall decals

What is this… removable graphics you can peel off and stick to your wall? Why is this Super Mario design not plastered all over your home yet? Is it because you prefer zombies? Or maybe a QR code, aprogress bar or some Photoshop tools? Oh, I get it. You’re more of a Star Wars person.

8. Geeky art

I don’t know if you have discovered the place where credit cards go to die — if not, let me introduce you to Society6. The online store has everything from thought-provoking social media posters to this stretched canvas Dr Who print. There is also an iPhone cover, if you’re a Whovian who is more into art of the portable kind.

9. Coasters

Are coasters an item of home décor? Who cares when they say ‘WTF’? Meninos has a selection of rubberised coasters that will protect your Pacman table from harm. There are some chat bubbles, a nice pixelated mouse pointer and even some multi coloured pins that look like they just peeled right off Google Maps.

10. Space Invaders LED Lamp

Exactly how much light this lamp casts is debatable, and the spooky LED glow is probably not the most comforting thing to see when you’re wandering around your home at midnight, but damn, it is cool. It’s 1.2 metres tall, constructed from iron and a white reflective backing, and could probably exist happily tucked away in some corner with just a power cord and some occasional admiring glances.

This article by Lauren Granger originally appeared on Memeburn. Content republished with permission.