Enterprise & IT Architecture Excellence Awards Set for July

There are only a few awards meant for the enterprise technology market, compared to consumer tech, and the Enterprise and IT Architecture Excellence Award is one of them. The award is designed to recognize and reward organizations and individuals who have gone the extra mile in the field of Enterprise and IT Architecture.

The Award also confers the John A. Zachman Award for Enterprise Architecture planned to be hosted yearly, along with other awards. Enterprise Architecture firm iCMG, which organizes the event has closed round 2 of the nominations, and will announce finalists on June 19. Winners will be announced in India on July 26.

Dubbed as the world’s most coveted awards in the category, it’s a great event where enterprise folks can share their thoughts, establish themselves among the leaders, network with peers, and get noticed. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to highlight insightful and remarkable works being done across the world and recognize them in front of a global audience.

The Zachman award itself is bestowed upon Amar Kumar Pandey in acknowledgement and appreciation of his innovative work in Enterprise Architecture area in general, and criminal investigation in particular, as organized by Zachman International. So both organizers are working closely to make sure the award is managed properly and delivered successfully with equanimity, as reported.

In its third year, the awards event wants to see participants from more than 20 countries competing for 22 award winners in four categories. Attendees from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, US and Germany have secured their spots.

The jury members come from across different continents and demonstrate a good balance between vision and practical experiences during their professional life. As with the previous year, the jury is co-chaired by Manoj Srivastava and chaired by Steve Towers.