Pollenizer Setting Up Shop In Singapore

Australian incubator | accelerator | angel investor Pollenizer wants to fertilise more startups by establishing a hive in the island state. Phil Morle and Mick Liubinskas established the company in Australia with just $500 apiece and within four years established 35 companies and made millions of dollars. Their current crop include Friendorse, Wooboard,Coachy, Flik Gift, Pigg, Ryuu, Big Happy, Dealised (based in Singapore) and Getlistd. They recently sold Spreets — a group deals site for Australia and New Zealand, to Yahoo!7.

Australian startup accelerator Pollenizer is contemplating a new Hive in Singapore.

Australian startup accelerator Pollenizer is contemplating a new Hive in Singapore. (Image: Pollenizer)

Morle expressed his interest in expanding Pollenizer to major cities in Asia, saying major investors want to work with them on more projects.

We are contemplating a new Hive in Singapore. As with Sydney and India, we will just start. We will start working with co-founding entrepreneurs and start pitching to investors. We think we can help bridge a few communities to help new web businesses be better, more connected and globally focused.

The Pollenizer crew attended Echellon 2012 Singapore and talked to a lot of interested partners and potential employees. Morle said they’ll be back in the island nation on 25 to 27 July, most likely to interview applicants, meet with investors, swap ideas with entrepreneurs and collaborate with web business-folk.

  • Entrepreneurs: if you have an idea that you would like to test and launch fast.
  • Investors: if you are an active angel investor and would like to understand how Pollenizer can expand and de-risk your early stage portfolio.
  • Web business builders: if you have experience working with startups as an engineer, marketer, product manager or designer and you want to join the Pollenizer Singapore pod.

Like all our businesses, we will push like crazy to make this happen but will happily kill it if no traction emerges.

Interested parties can get in touch with Morle, et. al, through info@pollenizer.com.

Singapore is one of the top 10 startup ecosystems around the world because of its security, infrastructure, talents and depth of investor potential.