SnapDish: Instagram for Food

Asians love to eat. Asians love to cook. But aside from cooking and eating, we love to take snapshots of our food, too. And tech startups have taken note, says Cnet. Tech entrepreneurs have setup apps and services that cater to Internet and mobile users who are fond of ordering food, and networking with other foodies.

One such application is SnapDish. The Japan-based startup is offering what is basically Instagram for food. Avid Instagram users would probably have enough of food snapshots rendered with creative filters. But this mobile app is all about food.

You can use SnapDish to take quick photos of your everyday dishes and enjoy sharing them with your friends and family. You can communicate through food and record your dishes as a life log with elegance and style.

One big difference from Instagram, though, is that photos are not run through creative filters that blur, re-color or re-focus images. Rather, images are improved so that the food looks more presentable. These include increasing the contrast, so that colors come out bright and vivid.

Users can also use SnapDish to share recipes of their home-cooked meals. These can be shared through existing social networking services like Facebook, which makes SnapDish an excellent means of content discovery. Businesses — especially restaurants and food-service establishments — should take note. Yamasa, a Japanese soy sauce brand, has already mounted a successful campaign in which users have posted dishes and recipes that call for soy sauce.

SnapDish says 70% of its users are from Japan, with the rest mostly coming from Asian countries. SnapDish is available on iOS and Android through the App Store and Google Play Store.

We wonder if the bigger social networks would find interest in acquiring this photo-sharing site, much like how Facebook snapped up Instagram for a billion dollars.