BMW i3 Concept Comes With a Built-In Bike

Here’s some green tech that I believe all cars should have in the future. The concept i3 from BMW comes with its own bike. And this is not the sort that needs to be mounted on bike racks and carriers. No, sir. Adding bicycle mounts is just too aerodynamically inefficient. This one stows flush into the car’s trunk.

The BMW i Pedelec is a concept bike that folds and can be stowed into the boot of the concept i3.

The all-new BMW i Pedelec is a custom-made complement to the BMW i3 Concept. Highlight: fold it up in a second and put two of them in the boot of the BMW i3 Concept.

This is meant for urban types who usually need to park their cars and walk to their places of work. This kind of bike would help encourage drivers to park farther from city centers (which are usually heavily congested), thereby saving on fuel and getting some exercise, as well, without having to walk all the way.

Or for Batman fans out there, we can also compare this with the Tumbler and Bat-Pod. The Tumbler is for heavy-duty crime-fighting on the streets, while the Bat-Pod is for those places that the bigger car (tank?) can’t reach.