The iPad 4 is Here, Is it Worth it?

Apple has been having a lot of problems with keeping secrets lately. Ever since Steve Jobs passed away, Apple has not been able to keep its new products under wraps with as much effectiveness. Case in point is the recently announced iPad Mini.

Rumors of the iPad Mini has been going around the internet for more than a year now so it came as no surprise when it was finally announced in an Apple event held yesterday. But now that it’s finally here, was it really worth the hype and the wait?

First, let’s look at the specs of the iPad Mini. It has an A5 dual core processor, 512MB RAM, and a storage capacity of 16/32/64GB (which follows the storage capacity tier of the iPad). Of course, the significant feature would be the reduced screen size of 7.9 inches. Given those specs, is it really a great addition to the Apple line of products?

If we’ll look at it from a diversity perspective, the iPad Mini does present a good argument for its existence. There are people who think that the iPad is a bit too bulky and have expressed their view that they would want a smaller iPad. But with the arrival of the iPad Mini and the perception that Apple has listened to its consumers two big questions have emerged. First – is the Mini really a “Mini”? And secondly (and more importantly), is it really worth it?

From the size front, some critics have said that losing just two inches from the screen size – the iPad has a 9.7 inch display – may not be enough of a size reduction to warrant getting the Mini at all. Some have said that it doesn’t make the Mini any more portable than the regular iPad, not like the convenient size of 7-inch tablets from, say, Google and Amazon.

Regarding, the second question “is it worth it?” it really boils down to price. The iPad Mini is going to be sold at a price starting at $330. Contrast that with the Google Nexus 7, which sells for $199 for its most basic model, and you really have to think if the additional $130 is worth the premium for an Apple product like the iPad Mini. Yes, Apple does have the most robust app selection among all competitors but would it be enough to push people to buy it over much cheaper brands like the aforementioned Google and Amazon products?

Personally, I’m not going to be swayed by Apple branding. The iPad Mini is a great idea but its execution, and its top-tier pricing, may prove to be the two factors that may go against it when it finally goes on sale.