The Philippine startup scene: An attractive climate for investors and entrepreneurs?


The startup culture is making its way to the forefront of the current job market, and entrepreneurs across the globe are taking a creative approach to the way they work. For instance, as the digital workforce grows, both employeers and employees are looking into new ways to build their business. The economic climate is not only it is not only attractive for investors but also for those who are involved in the startup scene looking to make an impact locally and globally.

A recent feature on The Atlantic, for example, highlights how cities in the Philippines are now being shaped by the outsourcing boom. Townships built around BPO companies are on the rise, with BPO workers and their families in need of better work-life balance.

BPO workers need to live close to their offices because they are usually operating on the time of another country, probably one halfway across the world.

Recently, Lamudi, one of the Philippines’ most comprehensive online property finders, featured an article in its journal, highlighting successful emerging markets in Asia, and making note that the Philippines is at the top of the list.

The Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ethiopia are now the four most desirable emerging markets, according to the magazine. Nicknamed the PINEs, these four countries are giving the world’s economic powerhouses a run for their money. The Lamudi platform is already available in all four of these booming markets.

With the country in a boom in both the outsourcing and startup communities, we’re in for an exciting ride.