LG’s new G Flex 2 smartphone. Pic: AP.

LG to launch curved G Flex 2 smartphone next week

LG's new G Flex 2 smartphone. Pic: AP.

LG’s new G Flex 2 smartphone. Pic: AP.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — LG Electronics Inc. says it will start selling its latest curved smartphone next week.

The Korean company said Thursday that the G Flex 2 will be launched locally on Jan. 30 and overseas in coming months.

The smartphone is LG’s latest effort to expand the use of curved screens as a way of differentiating its smartphones from those of competitors.

When LG released its first version of a curved smartphone in 2013, it was a niche product. The latest iteration shows LG is targeting a bigger market.

The phone features a 5.5-inch screen curved from top to bottom. In an improvement from its predecessor, the phone’s self-healing back can repair scratches in seconds rather than minutes.