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Rivals cash in as Indonesia’s largest ISP blocks Netflix

DASHING the hopes of those who eagerly awaited Netflix’s arrival on Indonesia’s shores, the country’s state-owned and largest internet service provider (ISP) blocked the video-streaming service from all its platforms at midnight Wednesday.

“We block Netflix as of Jan. 27 at midnight. The issue is about the permit. They don’t follow the rules. They also display violence and adult contents,” said Telkom’s director of consumers Dian Rachmawan yesterday, according to the Jakarta Post.

The block applied to all of Telkom’s platforms, he said in reference to IndiHome, and Telkomsel.

Predictably, Netflix fans in Indonesia met the news with anger and consternation.

Apparently reacting to the block, Nadya Hutagalung, a popular Indonesian-Australian actress, tweeted:

Some, however, were quick to turn this into an advantage. A rival ISP, MyRepublic, posted on its Facebook page that it was providing full access to Netflix, encouraging users to sign up with it.

The post received a large amount of likes and comments, reaffirming the popularity of Netflix in the country and validating MyRepublic’s sly marketing move.

Ga bisa nonton Netflix karena di block? yuk pakai koneksi MyRepublic sekarang juga dan kamu bebas nonton Netflix, daftar langsung di

Posted by MyRepublic Indonesia on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The post reads: “Can’t watch Netflix because of the block? Use MyRepublic connection right now and you are free to watch Netflix.”

Regardless, many worry that Telkom’s move suggests that a blanket ban on Netflix is imminent. Another possibility is an aggressively censored version of Netflix in Indonesia.

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