Break away relaxation area in the new Carrot Patch space Source Carrot Patch

Asia’s first collaborative AI workspace to open in Singapore

ASIA’S first collaborative workspace dedicated to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The Carrot Patch – is opening in Singapore in November.

AI is revolutionising the technology industry and Marcus Tan, CEO of AIQ and founder of The Carrot Patch, is doing everything possible to aid that revolution.

“The Carrot Patch will set the stage for future innovations, allowing like-minded individuals to congregate and challenge the digital frontier,” Tan said in a statement.

The space is centrally located along Henderson Road in the Bukit Merah Estate, perfect for early-morning workers and after-hours perfectionists.

The Carrot Patch aims to create a space that allows those working within the AI development industry to collaborate with other AI-focused technologists.

The Carrot Patch AI workspace is to open in Singapore in November. Source: The Carrot Patch

Boasting almost 8,000 square feet, The Carrot Patch has something for everyone. There are three options of office space: hot-desking for freelancers who relish the flexibility; dedicated workspaces for small teams developing the next system to make your life easier; and private offices for established businesses wanting to take inspiration from other AI architects.

The Carrot Patch also works closely with universities “to attract fresh talents into the community and develop talent for the industry”.

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The Carrot Patch is an integral part of the AI.SG national program, a US$150 million initiative developed by the Singaporean government to encourage and harness the flourishing artificial intelligence community in Singapore.

Carrot Patch’s collaborative space also offers more than just vibrant offices and fun relaxation chairs. Included in the sign-up deal, members have full access to a rooftop pool and gym, in-house events and an AI development-specific workshop.

Asia’s first collaborative workspace dedicated to the development of AI is top open in Singapore. Source: The Carrot Patch

From one day passes for the AI nomads, to monthly fixed desk prices, The Carrot Patch provide the space you need to develop your company to be the market leaders in tomorrow’s AI dominated world.