Dedicated Interconnect allows companies to extend their data center network into Google Cloud. Source:

Google updates its cloud service to give large businesses more options to connect

GOOGLE has announced updates to its Dedicated Interconnect service, which aims to help customers looking to develop hybrid cloud deployments.

Dedicated Interconnect, which was unveiled in September, allows companies to extend their data center network into Google Cloud – but only if the enterprise meets Google’s network in a supported co-location facility.

This week’s updates added four more locations to the existing 35, with Atlanta, Mumbai, Munich and Montreal joining a list that already included major business centers such as London, New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. The full list of locations can be accessed here.

Google’s Dedicated Interconnect is available from four new locations. Source:

Google also announced it is now working in partnership with global data center provider Equinix in order to extend the reach of Dedicated Interconnect beyond its current locations, and increase access in multiple markets around the world.

As well as the addition of these new locations, Google’s Dedicated Interconnect is also adding support for Cloud Router Global Routing to the service. This new feature is designed to make any subnet in Google Cloud available to enterprises worldwide through Dedicated Interconnect.


This update is part of Google’s plan to serve large enterprise customers. Though some businesses choose to use a public cloud, most work with a hybrid deployment model, storing some applications in private datacenters as well as running others on the public cloud.

Earlier this month, Google also announced a Hybrid cloud partnership with Cisco, in order to help customers run and move their applications between Cisco-powered data centers and the Google Cloud Platform.

Google’s efforts to improve its hybrid cloud options is perhaps an attempt to catch up with the top players in the cloud computing world Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Both companies reported their stellar quarterly earnings last week, showing notable evidence that their investments into cloud computing technology are paying off.