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Datos IO’s expertise in NoSQL a clincher for Rubrik

TWO of the giants of the cloud backup world have come together to offer the next generation of cloud application, storage & data providers, a higher level of security and peace of mind.

Datos IO, which attracted investors like NetApp and Cisco in a funding round last year, has been purchased by Rubrik, itself having raised US$292 million from investors like Greylock and American sports star Kevin Durant.

An investor in both concerns is Lightspeed Venture Partners, where Rubrik’s Co-founder & CEO Bipul Sinha also holds a position.

Both companies are specialists in backup and recovery, with the newly acquired Datos IO having a particular specialization in NoSQL databases which can be cloned and restored via its RecoverX product.

NoSQL is a database schema widely adopted by cloud storage and processing concerns such as Amazon AWS. It is particularly compelling in large deployments across multiple machine instances where relational databases often struggle to scale.

NoSQL databases also provide faster results in certain circumstances compared to their relational cousins, and there are fundamental differences: for instance, tables cannot be joined on the fly in higher level language queries familiar to database admins.

Datos IO had a value of around US$47 million at the time of acquisition and will continue to be led by its Founder and CEO Tarun Thakur, although it will adopt a new name of Rubrik Datos IO.

Datos IO’s services include the backup and recovery of artificial intelligence/machine learning data platforms, e-commerce, and the Internet of things deployments.

It therefore neatly bridges a gap for Rubrik which has specialized in providing backup services for companies transitioning from in-house servers to the cloud, and any hybrid provisions in the interim. Datos IO is both a newer, younger business and one that is more firmly rooted in cloud technologies.

“As enterprises adopt NoSQL cloud databases to undertake digital transformation and AI initiatives, the need to manage and recover applications and data is becoming top of mind,” said Rubrik’s Sinha in a statement.

“We are excited to have Datos IO join the Rubrik family to accelerate innovation in how enterprises manage and recover this modern application stack,” added Sinha.

Thakur said in a statement:

“We founded Datos IO with a vision of building a next-generation data management platform for cloud-native data sources to ensure elasticity, orchestration and data mobility. Datos IO delivers critical backup and recovery capabilities for cloud-native applications and databases. Rubrik and Datos IO share a common vision of cloud data management and are committed to helping customers on their digital transformation journey.”