WhatsApp is preparing to add several new features for large enterprises. Source: Shutterstock

WhatsApp Business to cater to large enterprises with new features

EARLIER this year, communication platform WhatsApp launched an app designed for small businesses to more easily connect with customers. And now, after targeting the SME market, the company is preparing to roll-out a variety of additional features to facilitate large enterprises.

Among the new features aimed at enterprises will be customer support and merchant payments, according to Economic Times.

The Facebook-owned company is also reportedly developing an end-to-end customer relationship management (CRM) software, which will initially be introduced for those companies who are using its application programming interface (API).

This feature is set to be launched in the next six to nine months, says a person aware of the matter. At present, 10 enterprises are testing WhatsApp’s CRM API, which consists of core tools for building applications.

The messaging platform is also said to be expanding its payments facility to include customer-to-merchant transactions, offering complete solutions to enterprises.

Though WhatsApp has not made a comment on this feature yet, it has confirmed the testing of an enterprise technology aimed at large businesses.

“In January, we launched WhatsApp Business app for small businesses on Android. We are also testing an enterprise solution for larger businesses. Both tools make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and share useful information like flight information, delivery confirmations, and other updates,” WhatsApp wrote in an email to the Economic Times.

For businesses, these proposed features would be extremely advantageous for improving and streamlining their customer support facilities.

The app already enables businesses to save a lot of time with smart messaging tools. This includes the ability to send instant replies that provide quick answers to frequently asked questions and greeting messages that introduce customers to your business.

WhatsApp Business is currently a free service, however, WhatsApp Chief Operating Officer Matt Idema mentioned that the company intends to charge businesses in the future.