Knowledge is power, fuelling the full security spectrum from Trustwave

ANY SERVICE PROVIDER brought into the enterprise has to be able to offer something both unique, and also over and above what the internal skill set or resources can provide. In the case of cybersecurity, the most effective attributes which outside organizations can bring are knowledge and insight.

Some managed security service companies will try and bring proprietary software and hardware, wishing to base their offering on a new set of cybersecurity components. And while the installation of some essential devices may well be required in some cases, the fire-hose of “our-way-or-the-highway” doesn’t fit enterprises which already have IT investment and cybersecurity provision in place.

In addition, many experts would advise that your cyber defences and breach detection are only as good as the people looking at that pane of glass. Companies that build an offering on experience and real-world knowledge are always going to offer a higher degree of protection than those who either don’t practice substantial research activity or who defer only to knowledge bases, intel feeds, and third party sources.

Trustwave is a company that proudly wears its knowledge credentials on its sleeve. As well as being known in cybersecurity circles as thought leaders (staff are highly active in open-source security project communities and are sought-out public speakers), the company has threat intelligence derived from the nine ASOCs (advanced security operations centers) it operates dotted across the globe, in a ‘follow the sun’ model delivering 24 x 7 detection and incident isolation for clients. This service has led Trustwave to have recently been named as a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services Worldwide, as well as Best Managed Security Service at the SC Awards 2017.

Its operation is supported by the plethora of work quietly undertaken in the organization’s SpiderLabs. Elite engineers gather the latest intelligence on today’s advanced attackers and their methods by using penetration testing, malware reverse engineering, forensic deconstruction of known attacks, live network scans, pro-active monitoring and trend analysis. The outcomes inform the company’s activities on a day by day basis and allow a degree of prescience that gives its clients a serious edge on black-hat activities.

And while this gives a particular impetus to developing defense techniques which are one step ahead, it also allows solutions to be developed for its clients which are born of experience; aggregating data from many sources – network, security, servers, databases, applications, IoT devices – and correlating this with its own worldwide cyber intelligence to help detect cyberattacks.

Drawn from a broad range of public and private sector cybersecurity backgrounds (including ex-military and government security bodies), Trustwave’s personnel understand the nature of cybercriminals, as well as the pressures under which security staff have to function, from C-level down to technician at the coalface. Its knowhow can help you adhere to regulatory compliance requirements while stretching your security dollar further.

The nature of a business is such that most verticals have their own risk management policies: traditionally more stringent in finance or law, for instance. But with the rise in international legislation and data governance rules to which all must adhere, finding experts with the knowledge to satisfy a range of governance edicts across the world is tough. Again, Trustwave’s multi-continent provision can help here, whether from GDPR compliance for any EU-related data, PCI DSS standards around the globe, or country-specific strictures, such as the acronym soup of North American compliance: HIPAA, POPI, FISMA, GLBA, and SOX.

Clearly, every organization large enough to be able to dedicate funding to IT security has its own particular systems in place, be they working practices, staff approaches and hardware & software in place. With this in mind, the solutions on offer from Trustwave can adapt: its solutions can often work with what’s already on the ground, or its engineers can provide advice on rationalisation and reconfiguration to optimise your existing investment.

If your IT organization is looking to consolidate a number of existing cybersecurity provisions into one overarching service, seeking specialist knowledge and practical help for the challenges of a new business regulation, or just looking to plug a security skills gap, Trustwave is ideally placed to offer advice and solutions in a language you’ll understand.

Trustwave offers testing and scanning, compliance management, a large security technology portfolio, and superior security services which include incident response. A complete security spectrum, in fact.

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